We offer a return to childhood and trying the excellent entertainment in Lithuania – climbing in the trees in safely equipped routes in the height from 2.5 to 15 m. Adrenaline and excitement dose in the adventure park is guaranteed! It's a great getaway from the city jungle to the beautiful Lithuanian nature.
Unforgettable impressions in adventure parks
When was the last time you have climbed in the tree, walked a swaying rope when only the branches are seen beneath your feet, and have you ever jumped from one tree to the other? If not, do not miss the opportunity to test the strength and courage and experience the best emotions in adventure parks. They offer various creative tracks with unexpected entertainment.
Measure your persistence
Barrels hanging high in the trees, suspiciously swinging beams, winding passages are not just a feast for your eyes – this is all offered for you to test.
While overcoming the tracks of different height and complexity you will face with many obstacles: climbing on the swinging ladder, walking on monkey bridges, and flying at incredible speed directly over the fast-flowing river, then diving into narrow tunnels. It will take a lot of persistence and effort to overcome some of the tracks, but it's worth just because at the end of the route you could triumphantly exclaim: I did it! The feeling is terrific.
The parks also have very easy runs, even for small children or seniors, they are very safe, and set low so you can boldly go with the whole family.
Entertainment, surrounded by beauty
Adventure parks are located in beautiful natural places, where the beauty of nature is guaranteed. The parks have gazebos with tables and fireplaces ideal for picnics after the day full of excitement.