Perhaps the dream of everyone is to look at the earth from a bird's eye view. It's appearance from the ground and from the sky are two different experiences. Flight in the hot air balloon is a great opportunity to admire the cities, roofs, lakes and river bends from above. Even experienced balloonists recognize that every flight is exciting and unique. Someone who once pulled up from the ground in the air balloon, will not forget the impressions for a lifetime.
A flight over the Lithuanian cities
When the weather is beautiful and clear, you can see up to several dozens of colourful hot air balloons over the major cities of Lithuania. Vilnius is one of the few European capital cities, where hot air balloons are allowed to fly, so do not miss the chance to see how Vilnius Old Town, which is included in the list UNESCO World Heritage, looks from a bird’s eye view.
Of course, you can fly in the air balloon in other places of Lithuania where there is no bustle of the city under your feet, or no settlements are visible at all. Wide landscape of Lithuania opens from the height: villages, castles and manor houses, river meanders and escarpments, mounds and the greenery of forests and grasslands stretches like a carpet.
Air balloon pilots are very good storytellers. During the flight they will tell you many interesting stories, and you will learn about all objects you see no worse than being on the ground.
Hot air balloon for the lovers of various sensations
Adventure and sensation lovers eager to experience the mind-bending height, can be lifted in the air balloon lifts as high as to 7 km altitude. If you succeed to rise so high, you will understand how the climbers feel when they reach the peaks of the highest mountains. Those having a parachute jumper license may test a highly extreme fun – jump from a hot air balloon. The bravest, those who are not afraid of the harsh sea winds, are recommended to have a flight over the Curonian Lagoon. According to the balloon fans, the Baltic Sea expanses, the lagoon sand and the Curonian Spit enchants everyone with their perfect beauty.
Romantic souls can go for a night flight or take off an hour before sunrise. Then you will see the first rays of sun and watch the awakening earth from above.
End of the flight is celebratory and fun. Those who are flying for the first time, are baptized according to the old ballooning tradition, are given honourable titles and names of baptism, along with first flight certificates.
Flight in the hot air balloon is a fun and romantic attraction.