Amber, also known as the Lithuanian gold, has long been famous for its stimulating, body strengthening properties. Many believed that it was a myth, but medical tests have confirmed its true. Currently, Lithuania is the only country in the world where you can come and enjoy the advantages of amber therapy – curative and wellness procedures.
Amber – a magical stone
Our ancestors believed that amber is a cure for all diseases, a magical stone. Amber beads were worn to cure sore throats, colds, asthma, and heart ailments. Lithuanians believed that the beads help to clear kidney stones and are beneficial for eye diseases. Even scientists have confirmed that amber has a lot of healing powers. In addition, it is believed that amber protects from evil, enhances creativity, brings good fortune and the peace of mind, and provides self-confidence. It is especially beneficial for nervous people, suffering from irritability, tension, keeping grievances in their heart.
All you have to do is to relax and enjoy
While staying in Lithuania, do not miss a chance to relax and enjoy the unique amber aroma music therapy created by the Lithuanian scholar. This treatment method is patented and is based on scientific amber therapy trials.
Amber aroma music therapy is performed in a specially equipped room – the Amber Room. The body is not only affected by a special procedure, but also by the interior of the room: unpolished amber walls, ceilings and floors. Amber therapy includes various breathing exercises, and a massage of bioactive points which stimulates the regeneration of damaged organs and promotes their cure. The patient lies relaxed on a mattress filled with small amber pieces, enjoying the flavours of herbs and amber, and the room is filled with specific music chosen for the therapy.
Benefits of amber therapy
No matter how old are you, and what your gender is, the amber aroma music therapy is good for everyone who has a variety of ailments: suffering from flu or recovering after a myocardial infarction. Amber therapy heals, soothes, provides some anesthesia, strengthens the body, and most importantly – improves the mood.