Lithuania is located near the Baltic Sea, which coast is one of the most beautiful in all Europe. Come hear to rest, recover yourself and enjoy the rays of sun in the sandy Lithuanian beaches.
The Baltic Sea cost in Lithuania
The Baltic Sea is located deep into the Continent, and its coast is one of the most beautiful in Europe. Lithuania has 90 kilometers of shoreline. Although, the cost is short - here it is spectacularly beautiful. Small and clean sand in the beaches, white Curonian Spit dunes, agile recreational resorts and historic coastal fishing villages - the quietly southing Baltic Sea is waiting for everyone.
The surrounding which you cannot miss
Most of the people the greenish sea and white sand beach attracts in hottest summer days, but you can also meet holidaymakers in early spring and late fall.
Lazy vacationers can rest in the sunny beaches, recreation seekers discover finds a wide range of activities and entertainment, sailing sports lovers torn in the waves whipped by the wind.
Untouched natural hunters and nature buddies admire the impressive and amazing coastal scenery, watch the birds. Cultural and historical traditions fans will find the most interesting museums, visit the old fishing villages and learn about the rich history of this region.
Neringa resort is one of the most popular in Lithuania. It is a real refreshment for a man tired from the routine and city noise.
Favourite destinations in the sea region
Lithuanian and tourists from all over the world most favourite is Palanga -  the most active seaside resort.  Here you not can only enjoy the sea, swimming or a calm slacking in the dunes, but also rampage concerts, amusement parks and cafes till the morning.
The Dutchman's hat – the 24 m high cliff, permanently eroded by  the Baltic Sea waves, which was formed by glacier 12-15 thousand years ago. This hill has long been overgrown with pine and oak forest, so it was a good landmark for the sailors and fishermen in the  plain sand field.
Walking along the Baltic Sea coast, look for one of the most famous treasures in the Baltic region - amber. The golden stone provides and evidence about prehistoric times, when the Baltic Sea was not even begun to take shape. Amber - is a natural fossilized resin, distinguished from pines, which grew around 50 million years ago.
Fishing – business and lifestyle
Each of the Old Curonian Spit residents, without any exceptions, were – fishers. All coughted fishes where smoked at home by themselfes. And today, walking in the streets of Neringa you can smell the pleasant smell of smoked fish. You can taste smoked eel, bream, perch or even smelt in almost each cafe or restaurant of the Curonian Spit.