Lithuania has a lot of water bodies, and its winters are pretty cold, so it has very good conditions for a quite unusual attraction to many – the bobsleigh. If you like extreme entertainment and are an adventure seeker, this kind of fun is just for you. The sleigh is fitted with a sail, the wind is enchained, and here you are – swinging through the ice at a great speed.
For the speed and wind fanatics
Bobsleigh has long been popular – you can see the sleds on the water bodies of the world since the 1930s. Originally, as the fastest means of transport, sleds were used by border guards. Bobsleigh develops the speed close to 100 km/h. It heats the blood of many speed lovers, and the number of those curious of trying out this entertainment is growing.
However, not only foolhardy can entertain themselves like this. You can learn to run a sled in just a few minutes, and the unique bobsled design ensures undoubted safety of the attraction. Worth mentioning is the fact that sailing on ice is much easier than on water. So, no matter how incredible it might sound, bobsleighing is safe enough even for five-year-olds or even those who have never done this in their lives before.
Frozen bodies of water are waiting for you
If you decide to have a good time, and see an indescribably beautiful snowy winter day outside the window, then go bobsleighing. You can do this on many of the larger lakes in Lithuania, as well as on the Lagoon. If you're not daring enough to do it alone, go together with like-minded people – sometimes bobsleigh tours are held from Nida to Vente Ragas. It is a 32 km long trail that culminates in Ventė – a wonderful place of Lithuania, very much like the end of the world with its infinite peace.
When summer is in Lithuania
While the Lagoon and lakes do not freeze, you can try another type of fun sailing, similar to bobsleigh – landsailing, where the bobsleigh has casters mounted instead of ice skates.
Landsails catch wind in disused airfields, as well as on the harder sand on the beach. This entertainment is very safe – speed is slightly lower one driving on wheels while control is same as on a bobsleigh. No matter how old you are – everyone can enjoy the breeze.