Butautu Manor is known since 1750, unfortunately there is no information who was the first owner of the Manor, but it is known that the beer was started to brew there since the beginning.
The love of beer and the pleasant feeling experienced while making the highest quality beer did not disappear even during hardships experienced at various historical periods - during the II World War Butautu Manor was destroyed.
In 1979 Petras Poskus rebuilt manor and brewery, also he established the first beer museum in Lithuania. Unfortunately, manor was abandoned once again after Poskus death.
Only in 2006 Butautu Manor started to feel the wind of reborn when brewer Darius Vizbaras enthusiastically began to reconstruct manor. Today you can participate in a guided tour throughout the manor, find out the secrets of brewery and sample beer that is being produced in this brewery, hosts will serve not only beer, but also gourmet venison dishes and delicious snacks.