Waters, lakes and rivers splash and wave in all directions – you will only feel that while rowing in a canoe. In Lithuania, adventure kayaking is really good for everyone: for beginners, for those who enjoy while relaxing, for those making sports, and even for those who are looking for more advanced stretches. Lithuania has so many rivers and streams that they could encircle half the globe if stretched in one line.
Down with everyday worries
Canoeing is a great fun to take a break from everyday worries, try out your hand and make the blood run faster and the heart beat quicker. We have to offer something for everyone according to their needs and expectations. When kayaking in rivers or lakes, you'll get to see so breathtaking images of nature, you have never see down the road.
What's most important to remember when sailing a canoe? Take a good mood and don’t be afraid to get wet.
Unleash all your positive emotions
Kayak tours are in particular popular among water lovers, those who are not scared of challenges, and are eager for adventurers.
Extreme experience seekers from around the world enjoy incredible excitement in overcoming obstacles of nature. And obstacles in the torrential rivers of Lithuania are truly abundant: rapids, fallen trees, rocks, and sharp turns. This frees your emotions, and will remain in the memory for long.
Lithuanian rivers are also generous for families and water lovers preferring calm trips. There so quiet rivers that the current will carry you, so all you have to do is breathe in the fresh, clean, and sparkling forest air and admire the beautiful panoramas: sandy or steep river cliffs, plain valleys, hills, lakes, water mills, ethnographic villages.
Ula’s enchanting spells
River Ula enchants with its banks dotted with coniferous forests, thick woods and high sandy cliffs. The river is curvy, flowing, so it is advisable to those who already have some practice – you will probably face with rubble or branches, beaver dams or even have to carry kayaks in some spots. It will be a real challenge to twist between the stones, to overcome shoals, to jump over broken dams, and make your way through the seagrass.

Sirvinta goes wild in spring
Adorned with beautiful exposures, high slopes and mounds, Sirvinta, without a doubt, is one of the most beautiful rivers in Lithuania. This quiet, low aqueous rivulet while in summer, suddenly angles wild every spring. Then it becomes extremely rapid, and shoals and large stones down the river make the trip even more stunning – oh yes, sailing in Sirvinta is a real fun.
Dubysa – distinguished by the beauty of its valleys
Dubysa’s steep valleys, mounds, forests and meadows at the banks, high slopes, and babbling tributaries will fill your vacation with great pleasure. The river is winding along hollows, hiding behind the steep slopes, and the beauty of its valleys is an envy of all Lithuanian rivers. You can stay around, hike and quietly spend your time in campgrounds equipped at the river.
Neris presents the capital city of Lithuania
While sailing a canoe you can get to know the capital city of Lithuania, to admire from the water at its wonderful places of interest, and to discover cultural sites telling a magnificent story. Neris meandering across Vilnius is the second largest river in Lithuania, a real centrepiece of the capital city. Sailing in Neris at night is a very interesting and exciting experience.
Merkys for family water experience
Merkys is one of the largest, most beautiful and most popular rivers in Lithuania. It is not difficult to sail, so the river is ideal for both first timers and for relaxing trip lovers and families. Everyone sailing in Merkys is fascinated by historical monuments and ancient Lithuanian villages.