You will not see anywhere else such a big number of devils as in Kaunas Devils Museum. The museum is original, the only one of the kind in the world. It has thousands of funny, clever, interesting, and, of course, terrible naughty devils. Unbelievable stories, legends and folktales about these infernal creatures seem to just hover in the museum and its surroundings.
Devils' Museum in the list of most unique museums in the world
Devils' Museum is included in the list of the most unique museums in the world. Three floors have about 1000 horned creatures from around the world coming in different shapes, sizes, colours and made from different materials. Each devil here is amazing in its own way: mischievously smiling, mysteriously peeking out of the dark corner, showing the evil menace grin or a scree giggle, and some of them can be distinguished from ordinary humans only if you see horns or a tail protruding from the shaggy hair. All they seem happy having escaped the hell and established themselves in Kaunas.
The first floor of the museum displays the Lithuanian devils
The first floor of the museum belongs to the Lithuanian devils. You will see the struggles between humans and horned creatures, which are often terrible and horrible. Most of the devils are the real works of art: painted on silk or canvas, carved in wood, made of ceramic or stone, also depicted not only with traditional horns, but tales and mops on their heads. However, a big part of devils came here from household utensils and everyday life – they gleefully smiling at you from plates, vases, salt and pepper dishes, whistles, nuts or pipe clamps. Visitors to the museum always stop at a very small golden devil, only visible through a magnifying glass. The entire first floor exhibition is protected by the attractive biblical devil. They say, once he has been a guardian angel, but then was banished from heaven because became envious to the God. Other creatures living in the museum also have their unexpected stories.
The second floor is a habit of the tools of devils and witches
On the second floor, visitors are greeted by the huge wooden devil – donated to the museum by people who started facing numerous disasters. They believed it was the devil sending them the hardships, so no longer wanted to keep him in their homestead.
The second floor is dedicated for natural jokes, and strangeness of all sorts. Exhibits include twigs, pebbles resembling the devil's image and found by people. Among others, you will see a polished and coated stump like a devil. It is hard to believe looking at it that it is the working of nature. Their friends evil witches reside along with devils on this floor.
On the third floor the foreign demons are feasting. It is difficult to count the exact number of such aliens. In addition, their number is growing sense that the visitors of the museum and foreign guests are often bringing in some new naughty devil.
Witches and devils feast on the mountain in Juodkrante
All evil creatures of hell do not fit in one museum – there are many of them on the Hill of Witches in Juokrante. This name of the hill is no surprise – and is a feast venue for witches, devils, Lucifer sticking out of the dungeons and dragons with many heads. All of them come here from the old legends, fairy tales and legends, carved by Lithuanian artists out of wood, intimidating passersby with their appearance.