Druskininkai is Lithuania’s most modern resort, offering services, treatment procedures and beautiful nature that can be enjoyed all year round. Druskininkai boasts with salty mineral water springs that not only gave the name to the resort, but also became a tourist attraction. Spectacular boscages, meanders of the father of Lithuanian rivers, Nemunas, sincerity of locals and quiet life rhythm of the resort captivates everyone who visits it.
The town tailored to your vacation
Druskininkai mineral waters were already known in the thirteenth century, and after five centuries, Druskininkai became a health resort. This is for a reason – because of the abundant pine forests and numerous water bodies surrounding the town, the air here is particularly clean and refreshing. Druskininkai is a perfect place to relax, recover, and have a good time. Druskininkai was mentioned as the best balneology resort in Europe in the list of the top ten resorts worth visiting announced by Newsweek magazine in 2003.
This climate and environment enhances health
Druskininkai is the best place for those who want to improve their health. You will breathe clean air, drink mineral water sparkling directly from natural sources, refresh yourself in natural healing mud baths, and relax in spas. And that's just a few of the many pleasures providing strength, which can be found in Druskininkai. There are no major sources of pollution in the town and around it; it is extremely clean, healthy and suitable for recreation.
For everyone's needs and wants
Druskininkai resort has been rapidly modernized over the past decade, and today it can satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Spas in the city offer a variety of beauty and health treatments, and relaxation in comfortable hotels. Culture lovers are invited to visit the museums, architectural monuments, and remarkable natural objects in the town and its surroundings. And those wanting to have fun are welcome to the water park, which offers fun water slides, saunas, water basketball and other entertainment.
Art, history and nature in the museums
One of the most famous museums in Lithuania is situated quite near Druskininkai. It is called Grutas Park, and displays the original monuments of the Soviet occupation. This museum is recognized as one of most unique in the world.
Also Druskininkai is the birthplace of one of the Lithuania's most important artists Mykalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis. The parents' house of this famous artist and composer hosts a memorial museum, which is worth a visit for those interested in the Lithuanian art, and willing to get in touch with the authentic M. K. Ciurlionis’ life.