There is much to learn from the Lithuanians about having good time. We indeed can boast the abundance of various entertainment activities, so you will definitely be not bored upon arrival to our country – all you have to do is to choose what to do and where to go. Adventurers, nature lovers and romantics all will discover unexpected pleasures and things to see in Lithuania.
Suggestions for fans of active leisure
If you worship the moments when the blood steams with adrenaline – you should really enjoy the kart ride. This is a great fun for the lovers of excitement. And no matter how fast you fly in the karting track – the speed will seem a lot higher, because you will be travelling just a few centimetres off the ground.
If you want to try your hand with your friends in the colour field – go play the Lithuanian favourite paintball. Fighting in old bunkers or former barracks, you will feel like in a real battlefield. Prepare yourself for sharp sensations, a dose of adrenaline and great excitement!
Jump with a parachute or fly with a paraglider – it is the best thrill you can get! Not only you will pick a dose of adrenaline, but admire the beautiful scenery of Lithuania from the bird eye’s view.
Adventure parks will bring you back to childhood: you will feel like a Tarzan, climbing in the jungle canopy, when you try to beat the trails installed in the trees.
Quiet fun
If you want to calmly relax and get acquainted with Lithuania, visit its national parks, where you can discover the ancient Lithuanian culture, swim in clear rivers or lakes, sail in a boat, stroll through the woods and gather berries and mushrooms.
Romantic souls go to the seaside to watch the Sun sinking every evening to the Baltic Sea and painting the sky with a wide palette of colours. It is a long-standing tradition and a reverence among holidaymakers to farewell the Sun every evening and predict tomorrow's weather depending on how it has descended – in a cloud or directly into the sea.
Meanwhile the Ethnocosmology Museum situated in Molėtai offers you to immerse in the stunning expanse of the universe! Your star guide will introduce you to the night sky objects – the moon, the planets, the stars and star clusters, nebulae and galaxies.
After watching the planets and the stars, later you will see what the stars can see from their blue sky. Along with the sun, ascend above Lithuania in an air balloon and watch the awakening nature and the red roofs of old towns. This is a very popular pastime here – Lithuania is a leading country in the world by the number of hot air balloons per 1000 of population.
Experience the drama of survival in a Soviet bunker
If you are interested in history, take a few hours back in time and become a citizen of a totalitarian state. Interactive performance 1984. Survival Drama in a Soviet Bunker involves you and will leave with indelible impressions. Having left behind your belongings, currency, cameras and mobile phones, dressed in gray Soviet quilted camisoles, you will step into the life of a USSR citizen full of tensions and social weirdness. You will be guided along the confusing mazes of the Soviet bunker, see the TV shows and shops of the 1984's, will be interrogated in a KGB office, taught the USSR anthem, learn wearing a gas mask, be tested by a Soviet medical doctor and will dance according to the music of these times. Before your gates to freedom open, you will eat an authentic Soviet dinner. You will leave the bunker upon receiving a special certificate and a unique Soviet-era gift.
So you are welcome in Your Lithuania – a country where you can work productively, have active entertainment, recreation, and good time.