Near one of the most beautiful Lithuanian resorts – Druskininkai – there is Grutas Park, recognized as one of the top ten weirdest museums in the world.
Naked Soviet ideology
When Lithuania regained its independence in 1989-1991, many ideological Soviet monuments were dismantled and remained lying abandoned in warehouses and backyards. There were various opinions and suggestions about their fate. Finally, it was decided to open the Grutas Park, to exhibit these monuments. The exhibition reveals the negative content of the Soviet ideology, it's impact on the value system and allows the Lithuanian people, visitors coming to our country and future generations to see the naked Soviet ideology which was suppressing and hurting the spirit of our nation for many decades.
The park has more than 100 pompous sculptures of Soviet political leaders. They reveal the comically hyperbolic Soviet political cult worship. Upon arrival to Grutas Park, you can also visit the art gallery, museums, the exhibitions of which reveal that craftily designed Soviet propaganda machine, which was damaging the modern society from birth to death. All 20 hectares of the park area is reminiscent of severe Siberia conditions with its guard towers, fragments of concentration camps and other Soviet elements plentiful all over the place.
Grutas Park festival and meals
Grutas Park has its annual event – a “Soviet” celebration, during which you will see a comic play about the Soviet life. On that day the actors sport the Soviet official ceremonial garments, former political leaders resurrect from the dead and appear in comic situations to make all the audience laugh.
And whenever you come to the Grutas Park, you can taste the typical Soviet food at the local restaurant. The most popular are the mushroom dishes. Special menus and the Soviet-like environment attract people because it seems so exotic for many who came here. However, there are those who feel nostalgic, and remember their childhood days with a light smile.
Missile base for your attention
Located in other side of Lithuania, near Plunge, there is a Cold War Museum, which invites you to learn the history of Lithuania, and come to a close encounter with the past experiences. Half a century ago there was a base of underground ballistic missiles with thermonuclear warheads. And now the involvement of the USSR in the Cold War is only reminded by the museum.
Former rocket launchers, wells covered with domes above the ground are all resurrected and renovated. You will definitely shudder while walking here, and the war mood will be enhanced by real dummies – the prototypes of living people, who once served in the Soviet army.