Horse riding is a widely prevalent pastime in Lithuania. Lithuanian guests are invited to make friends with our horses and ride in the woods, along the lakes or the sea shore. If you already have the horse trotting skills, treat yourself with a night orientation tour. Horseback riding is a good recreation, filled with serenity, and enjoyment over extremely beautiful Lithuanian scenery, breathing the fresh forest air. An introduction to a truly magnificent animal world will be an unforgettable experience. In winter it can be fun to take part in Sartai horse race on ice.
Escape from the city bustle
It is so nice to ride in the forest or field trails where you almost never meet a car – escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life and discover the wild Lithuanian nature. One of these places, especially suitable for this entertainment is Kurtuvenai regional park in Siauliai district. Travelling astride along the hilly banks of rivers and lakes, you will feel the wild Lithuanian national beauty, little touched by humans.
Your horses will be waiting in authentic stables, situated in one of the first estates in Lithuania. Experienced coaches will share experiences and take care of the tour around the enchanting surroundings and your indelible impressions.
While being here, you can visit Kurtuvenai manor ensemble: the homestead, the slim tower of St. James the Apostle Church, and the surviving manor stables. Stroll through the restored park, climb up to the top of Girnikai mountain, the highest in Siauliai region, and have a drink from the magic Svilė water springs – people still believe they can cure many diseases.
Horse racing on ice
Sartai race is a trotter race, which made the name for this small Aukstaitija town of Sartai and attractz the Lithuanian horse lovers, and everyone curious about the event. For more than a century the annual horse race is the most popular winter event in Lithuania, bringing together many equestrian fans and lovers of this sport. Every year this beautiful festival attracts thousands of people from various Lithuanian cities and towns. Welcome to Sartai race where you certainly will not be disappointed, because here you are greeted by cheerful participants, a lively fair, loud laughter and music.
Zemaitukai horses are some of the oldest breeds in Lithuania
Lithuania has its own indigenous horse breeds. It is especially proud with Zemaitukai considered to be one of the oldest breeds in Europe and known from the 6th or 7th century. They are small, but tough horses. Riding them leaves indelible impressions.