If you like mysterious places with breathtaking stories, the sites that have witnessed many battles, travel around Lithuania and visit its impressive castles. Lithuanians valiantly defended them and that's why they were not destroyed to the present day and are delighting the residents of Lithuania and the eyes of its visitors. They are the best examples of our forefathers’ architecture and art, demonstrating the economic and political history of Lithuania, and telling about the ancient Lithuanian warfare.
The Castle, endowment at the confluence of the Nemunas and Neris rivers
The history of the temporary capital city of Lithuania, Kaunas, begins with the majestic castle of the town. When describing it in 1361, the city's name was mentioned along for the first time. The castle, built in the extraordinary beauty of the surrounding confluence of the Nemunas and Neris rivers, was then distinguished by its size and strength of the fortifications. It is believed that this castle, defended by the large and well-armed Lithuanian crew, blocked the way for the Crusader expansion to the depths of Lithuania and its capital city Vilnius.
Kaunas Castle events
Kaunas Castle often organizes various events. One of the most original is the annual operetta festival, first of its kind in Eastern Europe. The festival aims to popularize opera and operetta, born in pre-war Kaunas in Lithuania. The event costs performances of Lithuanians and visitors from Hungary, Czech, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.
Kaunas Castle area often is used as a stage for concerts, dances and songs, performances, exhibitions, and presentation of books.
Raudone castle and its charms
Head over to yet another castle of extraordinary beauty, Raudone. It stands in Jurbarkas district and is one of the most prominent objects in the Lithuanian architectural heritage map. From the top of the main tower you will be offered an extraordinary view of the largest river in Lithuania – Nemunas.
Enjoy the beautiful Neogothic style mill near the castle, the old park with the legendary Gediminas Oak, one of the oldest in Europe, and the nine-trunk linden tree.
Once a year, in the last weekend of May, near Raudone castle they organise a traditional festival of Panemune Ziedai. This is the time when the castle comes alive with hundreds of people coming to see the ancient knight battles, enjoy performances of local artists and taste the delicious foods produced in those lands, and to relax in the spectacular beauty of the environment.
Medininkai Castle – the largest in Eastern Europe
Medininkai castle once occupied the area as large as 6.5 hectares. It is the largest enclosure type castle in Lithuania and throughout Eastern Europe. It's 15 meter high walls stretch for 566 meters. The size is really captivating for every visitor. Visit this place and you will feel the grandeur of the castle, the impressive spirit of its halls which once were a place for meeting the highest princes of the Lithuanian Grand Duchy.
In summer the castle is visited by hundreds of tourists, especially during historic festivals. Their good emotions and special experience is the enjoyment for those who have the opportunity to get in touch with the history of the castle – to participate in archaeological investigations or engage in creative historical games.