Lithuanians are stylish, following fashion trends, surprising for their unique taste and unusual compositions. The unique style of Lithuanian designers stands out from the Western European fashion, and is admired for the expressive, colourful, unconventional creativity. Moreover, Lithuania produces clothes in smaller quantities, with a lot of manual work, so the products of Lithuanian designers are unique and exclusive.
Design fascinates the West
Foreigners are keen to buy the Lithuanian designs,. little-known in the world because of their unusual, interesting, unique shapes with cosmopolitical details and ethnographic symbols. In addition, everyone who purchases, for example, a Lithuanian designer’s table can rest assured that nobody else will have the same piece, because these designs are almost exclusive and unique.
Lithuanian designers often surprise everyone with their unusual and sometimes even shocking ideas. Furniture accumulates solar energy throughout the day, and at night helps to guide you in the dark, the light fixture, that can be eaten when you are hungry, because the cover is made of a biscuit, or a hanger, self-adapting to the height of each member of the family – are just some of the successfully implemented Lithuanian designers ideas, which have gained extreme and abundant success.
For quite a while, Lithuania organises design events and exhibitions. Its exhibits are not only admired but can be purchased. One of these exhibitions – Your House that has been organized since 1995. It presents everything you need for a modern and comfortable home, for the harmonious, distinctive interior of the home.
Lithuanians are working in their fields with dedication and have a crafted touch. Even the youngest designers are capable of surprising in international competitions.
The biggest fashion event in Lithuania
Lithuanian fashion designers are interesting to foreigners in their identity, increasingly often due to the good price and quality, and charming design solutions, their garments fascinate by people from all over the world.
Mados Infekcija is the biggest fashion event in Lithuania. For the first time and has been organised in 1999, by the group of the best and most famous Lithuanian designers 7+. 7+ members are Sandra Straukaite, Serzas Gandzumianas, Aleksandras Pogrebnojus, Vida Simanaviciute, Juozas Statkevicius, Daiva Urbonaviciute. Until today, every year the collections are demonstrated using the festival not only by the famous designers of the country but also by world-renowned fashion designers. There is a place for young talents, too – they have to compete for the right to present their collections for the festival audience.
You will not see this is not trends and latest fashions in Mados Infekcija. The designers participating in this event mostly show their non-traditional solutions. The festival itself purposefully transcends the borders of the world of fashion, managing with other creative spheres, and faces many radical challenges. All of this attracts crowds of fashion lovers, and all without exception are fascinated with the originality, and expressiveness of Lithuanian artists.