Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis is an extraordinary composer and painter, and is seen as the most prominent Lithuanian artist. The National Art Museum in Kaunas was named after him. It is the only museum in Lithuania displaying the entire range of the Lithuanian art pieces from the Middle Ages to the present day.
Bright footprint of M.K.Ciurlionis creative works
The composer and artist has left the most remarkable footprints in the Lithuanian culture. Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis (1875-1911) is a distinctive creator famous not only in Lithuania but also throughout the history of the entire European art.
Symphonic poems In The Forest and The Sea are some of his best-known musical works. The most popular art works are The Tale. Kings, Rex, Pyramid and Star sonatas. Almost all known Ciurlionis’ artworks, manuscripts and other works are stored and exhibited at the National M. K. Ciurlionis Art Museum in Kaunas. While in Druskininkai, the former Ciurlionis family house hosts M.K. Ciurlionis Memorial Museum, where you can see the artist's life.
Short but significant life of the artist
By the versatility of his creative explorations M.K.Ciurlionis can be compared to the Renaissance masters, and he has left a deep mark on all the creative work of Europe in just ten years of his creative path. He wrote about four hundred pieces of music, painted more than three hundred paintings, wrote literature and poetry and experimented in art photography.

Exceptional examples of works of art are in front of you
While looking to M.K.Ciurlionis works you will find that they reflect the typical artist of the mid-nineteenth and twentieth centuries. However, the mature plasticity of M.K.Ciurlionis’ paintings also has subtle musical forms.
M.K.Ciurlionis Art Museum in Kaunas has more than 355,000 items. The museum’s exhibit collections consist of M.K.Ciurlionis’ heritage, Lithuanian folk art, fine and applied arts of Lithuania of the fifteenth-twentieth centuries, ancient world art, foreign fine and applied art, numismatics, archives of folk art and the artistic life items of Lithuania.
The works of this famous composer and painter M.K.Ciurlionis, who left a deep imprint in the Lithuanian culture, can be seen not only in this museum – his works are exhibited in 11 other museums all over Lithuania. When you visit M.K.Ciurlionis’ birthplace in Druskininkai, you can see his memorial museum, founded in his parents' house.