Did you know that Lithuania is the geographical centre of Europe? It is marked near Vilnius, in the Park of Europe. Curious people not only from Europe but also from all over the world are attracted to the park to see the extraordinary, artistic works of impressive scale and interesting exhibits, some of which are even included in the Guinness Book of Records. The colourful Park of Europe is included in the top-50 of the most exciting places of art in the world.
Touch the centre of Europe
20 years ago it was just an abandoned marshy forest in the spot where the Museum of the Park of Europe now is. Establishment of a museum required a lot of efforts to make the area as it is now – neat, cleaned, and trimmed. Now this piece of nature is a place of unique beauty perfectly combining nature and art. The Park of Europe, where you can touch the centre of the continent, is one of the most visited museums in the open air all over Lithuania.
Exhibition, weighing 1000 tonnes
The Park of Europe exhibits more than 100 sculptures at the same time, for which the most suitable natural environment is selected in the huge area of ​​55 ha, or sometimes a sculpture is created for a particular space. The sculptures are very diverse – from those leaning to the ground to those standing up to ten meters high, from covering just one square meter or others covering 3135 square meters of land. All exhibits weight about 1,000 tons – so much stone, wood, concrete and other materials were used to create the museum in the open air.
TV Set Maze – in the Guinness Book of Records
Each sculpture in the park tells its own story, and carries some significance, meaning or a message. Masterpieces of world renown artists really strike with their gigantic shapes, and wide variety of spaces and scales. One of the most interesting exhibits is the LNK Infotree. It is a huge maze, constructed from more than 3000 old TV sets. This stunning piece is the largest in the park and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest sculpture of its type.
A few more trivia from the park
In addition to the TV labyrinth, the park visitors admire a house rocking on one point and the world's largest chair, full of water. Many are happy to find a way back from the stray labyrinths, and rock a stone weighing several tons with a huge smile on the faces.
No less attention of the curious is attracted by the interactive project of the Park of Europe – The House Of An Artist – a website where visitors can observe at close range the creative process of the artist, his life and the ideas turning into reality.