Clean nature of Lithuania preserving its natural appearance is a great place for rehabilitation. The favourable climate of the country, always fresh seawater, mineral water springs, forests and pine boscages – all that you can want for physical or emotional recovery, enjoyment and holidaymaking. Lithuanian areas have long been known and recognized as suitable for treatment and recovery. The country has four resorts: two of them are located near the mineral water springs, and the other two by the sea, and it also has four resort areas: Ignalina, Anyksciai, Zarasai and Trakai. Go there and relax, feel the tranquillising effect of peaty mud, the power of honey or amber therapy – and return from Lithuania to your country very well rested.
Birstonas – an oasis of tranquillity and health
Small cosy town of Birstonas situated between the Nemunas River meanders is a widely recognized balneological resort of Lithuania. It offers a variety of treatment, health improvement procedures, and emotional improvement programs. You will enjoy regaining your mental balance, peace and good spirits in Birstonas. Nemunas surrounded by forests is flowing through the town and giving this region a spectacular landscape, so both your body and soul will enjoy in Birstonas.
Druskininkai pine seduction
Druskininkai resort in the south of Lithuania has long been famous for sanatorium treatment traditions and remarkable nature. Small fluctuations in temperature, mild climate, clean air, pine arrays create the space perfect for relaxation. Well, and abundant mineral water sources help to recover and heal all kinds of diseases. In addition, here you will find a very popular treatment with mud as the local peaty mud is highly suitable for procedures that are distinguished by thermal, mechanical and chemical properties.
Lithuanian seaside – a source of body and soul recovery
Neringa is an exceptional place to rest with its unique nature and culture, no surprise it is one of the most popular resorts in Lithuania. It is a great place to heal cardiovascular diseases.
Another coastal town, Palanga, is also an encouraging health resort of Lithuania. Here come holidaymakers attracted by the desire to break away from the everyday urban environment and gain strength from natural health sources – sunlight, refreshing and clean sea water, fresh coastal air and pine forests. The sunbathing in the resort activates metabolism, improves mood and well-being. Swimming in the sea is a great way of tempering the body, and a warm and dry pine air is the best tool for the treatment of respiratory diseases.
Anyksciai is the best medicine for those who want to rest
Anyksciai boscage pines are magical in easing the breathing, improving the circulatory system, and the deciduous trees have a calming effect on the central nervous system. Anyksciai offers a wide selection of rehabilitative and curative services – health promoting, recovery, outpatient treatments improving and supporting the body's immune system. Here you should come to enjoy the pleasures of massage, real Lithuanian baths; you can order cosmetics or cleansing facial care services.