Lithuanians have always loved to eat delicious food, and they are also perfect cooks. They are famous for hospitality – every visitor is welcome at the table, and given rich meals. But even if you cannot stop by to visit in a Lithuanians’ home, you will still feel their hospitality. Here you will be friendly served in restaurants, cafes, bistros – you will not be hungry for sure. Plentiful and abundant meals are awaiting for those who choose delicious and traditional Lithuanian dishes, and gourmet flavour seekers.
Traditional Lithuanian food restaurants and dishes
Visit traditional Lithuanian food restaurants or cafes, which stand out for their cosy and authentic farmhouse style environment, complete with the spirit of the Lithuanian village. Cherishing Lithuanian traditions these restaurants offer a wide national food menu and an antique-style interiors takes you through the history into the past.
To get familiar with the country's national cuisine, make sure you taste “zeppelins”, brown rye bread, curd cheese, cold-smoked bacon, vėdarai, kugelis, skilandis and smoked fish. In summer Lithuanians are fond of different cold soups, the most popular of which is cold beetroot soup. It is a cold soup made of sour milk and beetroot, refreshing on a hot day. Bee honey is also very common in Lithuania and is used in the production of various food and drinks.

To quench the thirst, Lithuanians often drink kvass. It is one of Lithuania's national drinks and is made from dried bread, yeast, sugar and water. Lithuanians are very proud of their beer – since old times it has been produced in almost every homestead, and good brewers are particularly respected.
Special Lithuanian brewing secrets are passed from generation to generation and remain in use to this day – just try and see for yourself. From other drinks you can choose mead or krupnikas, or traditional home brew vodka.
The list of meals and drinks is very long, but whatever you taste – it will be finger licking good: Our housewives like nowhere else know how to cook.
Cuisine of the entire world for gourmets
If you have already tasted all Lithuanian dishes, then savour other meals cooked according to various recipes from the countries around the world. A genuine Italian chef in Lithuania will serve you a delicious Italian pizza, a Turk will offer traditional Turkish kebabs, spicy Mexican dishes will heat the blood, Japanese sushi be comparable to those made in Japan, and the Frenchman’s prepared desserts will be the enjoyment of not only the body but also the soul. The number of restaurants, cafes, pubs and bistros is very big in Lithuania – for everyone depended on their taste and budget.
Lithuanian cafes are famous for comfort
Lithuanian cafes captivate tourists with their interior comfort – each is different, reminding old Lithuanian villages or distant places of the world. In summer, outdoor cafes, terraces in bustling streets are very popular, filled with music sounds, cheerful laughter and funny voices. But certainly not all cafes are located in urban areas and centres. Do not be surprised to discovered them in natural surroundings and the most beautiful corners of the parks, near the running waterfalls, flying swans, and songs of happy birds.