Inspired by the nature awakening in spring, people also came out of the homes and hold one of the largest and most beautiful fairs – Saint Casimir's Fair (Kaziuko muge). The three-day event held in major cities of Lithuania turns their central squares into a colourful feast of verba (Palm Sunday flowers), adorn with pot paintings and wood carvings, and flavours of delicious bagels. The fair is filled with songs, dances, voices and echoes with good emotions and contagious laugh – check out the festival at the end of winter and celebrate together.
Like several hundred years ago, so is now
The celebration of the Lithuanian patron St. Casimir was born in the seventeenth century, and the nineteenth century it developed into an extraordinary fair. In this event successfully preserving the tradition of centuries Lithuanian craftsmen present their ingenious handcrafted products created during the long and dark winter evenings. Like several hundred years ago, in Kaziukas Fair florists sell colourful verba, that has become a traditional symbol of spring; housewives happily offer baked bagels, pastries, croissants, their most delicious scents tickling everyone's nose.
Saint Casimir's Fair also has the demonstrations of traditional folk crafts, were visitors can not only watch the work of craftsmen, but also to try out their skills here in well-equipped workshops.
You simply must adorn yourself in the round cracknel beads
It will for sure be no mistake to name this festival the most beautiful and the greatest gathering of folk artists – they come to the Saint Casimir's Fair from all, even the most remote areas of Lithuania. And the curious come here looking for something beautiful and authentic form their homes, reflecting the spirit and culture of Lithuania, looking for presents and gifts, or just having fun in the buzzing sounds of great folk music.
It is hard even to list what beautiful things you can find and buy in this fair. It is a joy for the eyes and the heart to look at the most various and awesome articles. Wood carvers sell sculptures, household utensils, toys, musical instruments, potters – clay jugs, pots, cups, plates, jars, bowls, wicker weavers bring wicker furniture and household items. Folk built weavers lure buyers with varicoloured strips, knitters – with lace and embroidery. Amateur bakers offer their treats –Kaziuka's bagels, breads and cookies.
You simply must adorn yourself in the round cracknel beads during your visit to Kaziuka's fair. It is the wooden spoons, verba of a great variety of colours and sizes, and biscuits, called the Casimir’s heart, are the most popular goods in the fair.