You like the speed and adrenaline? Are you missing winter delights when summer shines outside the window? Try landing a toboggan run, where you can adjust your own speed, and admire Anyksciai surroundings while descending.
Speed ​​and turns, springboards, and loops
On the eastern outskirts of Anyksciai town, on the legendary Kalita hill, you will find a toboggan ride attraction. Although the trail is called a summer toboggan trail, you can use it all year round in any weather, even if it is raining or snowing. Kalita hill has different sections of slopes – so as long as the desire is here, you can experience the full palette of sensations.
The best thing is that this pleasure is absolutely safe. Everyone can enjoy the wind whistling in his ears. You can fly along the route faster than 40 km/h, while the length of the track is as many as 500 m. While descending, you will have overcome five turns, jumps and loops with a breeze, but you'll be safe with your safety belts attached.
The speed ​​leads to positive emotions, but if you are not into extremely sharp sensations, you can go down from the mountain at a lower speed – the toboggan has a built-in brake system.
In winter, try skiing trails
If you come to Anyksciai in winter, in addition to the toboggan on the Kalita hill you will find the ski slopes. At the time, there are several different levels and complexity of upgraded 250 m long slopes with ski lifts. The cross-country skiers here can use 3-5 km long tracks, winding along beautiful valleys.
Anyksciai is famous for its beauty and attractions
After the fun of descending, take a trip around the beautiful Anyksciai town: climb to the lighthouse of happiness, ride the narrow gauge railway, known locally as “siaurukas“, visit Voruta mound and enjoy one of the tallest in Lithuania, St. Mathew church. Visit the famous Puntukas stone in the wood of on Anyksciai which commemorates the memory of the world well-known aviation pilots Darius and Girenas.