Do you remember the feeling that embraces you when walking barefoot through the dewy grass? So gentle, so good – the whole body is filled with energy and positive emotions. Nature lovers who come to Lithuania often describe their impressions exactly like that: it is like walking barefoot in the dewy grass...
Nature is like a second mother
Nature in Lithuania is extremely loved and respected. It could not be otherwise, because the Lithuania is a country that preserved paganism for the longest time in Europe. From the ancient times the people of this Baltic country worshipped fire, water, stones, and sacred trees. Even after baptism the nature remained like a second mother to Lithuanians. It is therefore not surprising that those who are looking for naturalness, authenticity and harmony, experience a remarkable joy of discovering these values ​​ in Lithuania.
All conditions for relaxation
Ecotourism enthusiasts in Lithuania are invited to certified green key hotels and rural homesteads, to enticing and extremely clean blue flag beaches, after visiting small markets of farmers selling eco-friendly products. We invite you to escape from the city to the countryside, and travel ecological paths through wetlands, national parks, sanctuaries and reserves, or watch migratory birds, or, for example, grazing strong and majestic aurochs.
Meanwhile, for those looking for even more peace and relaxation, we recommend: your fatigue will evaporate in an instant when you step into a fragrant forest for berries or mushrooms. If you travel along with the Lithuanians, then after returning home, you will surely enjoy a perfectly tasting lunch or dinner: Lithuanians love mushrooms, they know them very well and cook exquisite delicacies from them. And if you do not like picking mushrooms, but are eager to relax, or have a plate of something delicious, be sure to visit Surininkai House in Darguziai: ​​ they are famous of the Lithuanian matured cheeses and their meals. Moreover, you will learn the secrets of making homemade bread, fermented kvass, picking honey, rolling a wax candle and felting a felt...
Delicious water and clean air is encouraging ecotourism
Lithuanians are very protective of the places from where the original pure water flows. They also show these sites for the guests who believe in the magic powers of springs.
Lithuania is known for its world's largest underground layers of the purest water, therefore even the tap water in this country is extremely clean and delicious. It is the fact that Vilnius is the capital city of Europe with the greenest and cleanest air, which is promising the best eco-tourism pleasures. Storks, elks or a wild boar family leisurely walking on the roadside, along the way to Curonian Spit – a unique site of the UNESCO protected natural heritage – will leave indelible impressions for our Lithuanian guests.