Grand estates in many of the most beautiful places in Lithuania can be proud of what they have retained to this day. Do not miss the beautiful estates of Tiskeviciai, Uzutrakis, Burbiskiai, Rokiskis, or Raudondvaris. Historically, they have been very important centres of the Lithuanian cultural life, and now await for tourists to tell their remarkable story.
A gem of the Baltic cultural heritage is the Tiskeviciai manor house
In Palanga, at the Baltic Sea, stands a unique piece of natural and cultural blend – Tiskeviciai residence. This magnificent neo-classical palace was built in 1897, and the cultural historians call it the pearl of the Baltic cultural heritage.
Tiskeviciai palace stands out with its surrounding impressive 100-hectare botanical park, which is a place combining many wonderful, rare and interesting plants and expressive sculptures. The palace hosts the Amber Museum, boasting the world's largest collection of amber inclusions, and fascinating crowds of visitors from around the world. Here you will also hear the history of the formation of amber, stories about its prevalence, trade routes, processing and utilization. Well, and the cosy chapel of Tiskeviciai manor house will please your heart with concerts, various thematic art exhibitions, and poetry evenings.
Wonderful Uzutrakis mansion and its park with ponds
Uzutrakis manor is situated in Trakai Historical National Park, on the shore of Lake Galve. The famous European landscape architect and botanist E. F. Andre created the original Uzutrakis park in a centennial forest – and interconnected pond system, displaying it’s all beauty from the mansion’s terrace. The newly restored Užutrakis mansion invites to visit the chamber music evenings with performances of well-known Lithuanian and foreign artists.
 Burbiskis is manor is worth enjoyment and praise
In the central part of Burbiskis estate there is a pond with 15 islands, 11 bridges and connecting paths, meanwhile the park surrounding the estate buildings has the most beautiful and interesting plants, is a home to about 40 species of birds, and is decorated all over with gracious sculptures, immortalising Lithuanian heroes. Currently, the mansion belongs to the Lithuanian cultural heritage fund, and is often a place for musical evenings, cultural events and festivals. In addition, you will be impressed by the tulip gardens of Burbiskis mansion, and the tulip blooming event is celebrated every year and is as popular as the flower festivals in Netherlands.
Rokiskis manor – a unique collection of cultural heritage of estates
In 2011, Rokiskis mansion was elected the most attractive tourist area in Lithuania. Its history dates back to the sixteenth century, but the oldest palace, unfortunately, did not survive. Later, the manor was passed to Tyzenhauzai family who moved to their new residence and began to develop their new estate and the town around it. Now, upon arrival, you can admire the beautiful palace and the surroundings, or visit Rokiskis land research museum exhibiting abundant and fascinating collections of archaeology, history, numismatics, art and ethnography with more than 80 thousand showpiece.
Raudondvaris estate hosts the memorial museum of composer J. Naujalis
Raudondvaris manor is perhaps the most musical. Currently it hosts the memorial museum of composer J. Naujalis, with frequent concerts, festivals, exhibitions and other events in the park. By the way, charming park trails lead toward the Nevezis landscape reserve, impressive by its valleys, views over the mysterious scenery, and rare ornamental trees and shrubs.