Most of the tourists coming to Lithuania, first visit our country's capital city, Vilnius, and for a good reason. Vilnius is recognised by UNESCO as one of the most beautiful cities of the Old Continent with the largest Baroque old town in Eastern and Central Europe. The Old Town surrounded by excellent landscape blends in harmony the heritage of the past and present achievements, science and culture. Vilnius is the centre of our country's spiritual, cultural, religious and political life.
Exclusive Old Town of Vilnius
The first globally recognized Lithuania's cultural value is Vilnius Old Town. From the thirteenth until the eighteenth century Vilnius was the political centre of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, had a huge impact on the cultural and architectural development in Eastern Europe. Although it was often attacked and ruined, it maintained impressive buildings of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and classicism as well as its medieval layout and the natural environment.
One of the greenest capital cities in the world
Vilnius is mostly praised by guests because of cleanliness and greenery. It is true, that the city located on the confluence of Neris and Vilnia rivers the city is one of the greenest capital cities in the world. It has a wealth of parks, squares, gardens, and lawns. The historic city centre is surrounded by hills – perfect observation sites or entertaining places with views of the charming panorama of Vilnius. From them you can easily see the red roofs of Vilnius Old Town reminiscent of most of the city’s history. Take a walk between them in smart streets. Have a look at the preserved castle buildings, the Cathedral with more than six centuries of history, the ensemble of Vilnius University, oldest in Central and Eastern Europe, mysterious Franciscan, Dominican, and Bernardine monasteries, churches, ornate Orthodox churches – entire historic, and cultural districts.
The biggest Baroque heritage
Vilnius is like a textbook of architectural styles. The styles of its old buildings reflect everything – from the late Gothic to Classicism, but mostly Baroque. The Old Town of Vilnius is the largest Baroque Old Town in Central and Eastern Europe, covering the area of ​​360 ha. Interestingly, the Vilnius Baroque was built on medieval foundations. While being in the largest city in Lithuania, please note: On the slightly croaked, narrow, medieval street network stand mighty and majestic domes and towers belonging to a completely different century. It was in the baroque epoch that most sacred buildings in Vilnius were built: churches, churches, monasteries.
Most prominent examples of Vilnius Baroque
Most impressive and majestic baroque buildings in Vilnius: St. St. Casimir's Church, which construction began in 1604, is different from the others by somewhat awkward lower section and a dome with a crown, Johns' church with a bell tower built in the second quarter of the 18th century, blending harmoniously with the architectural ensemble of Vilnius University. If you only have time, climb to this to get a very good view of the entire Old Town of Vilnius.
It is difficult to tell about the spirit, seemingly filling every corner of the Old Town of Vilnius and the message delivered by old towers – you can only feel if you come here yourself. So we're waiting for you in the baroque town of extraordinary beauty!