Vilnius TV tower is the tallest building in Lithuania, and is also included in the list of the world's tallest buildings. If you want to overlook Vilnius from the heights, ascend to the top of the tower and enjoy the full panorama of the city, finding the tower is very easy – it is visible from almost any location in Vilnius.
Amazing panorama of the city
Vilnius TV tower is used for radio and television transmission, and attracts tourists for totally different reasons. The rotating observation deck on the 19th floor is very famous and popular among residents and visitors of the city because through the windows you can see a 50 km radius of Vilnius and its surroundings. The only observation deck situated in such height hosts an exclusive restaurant that is constantly circling, enabling guests to enjoy food while watching the whole panorama of Vilnius.
The world's tallest Christmas tree
Vilnius TV tower in Vilnius catches the attention of the guests by its interesting projects. For example, the tallest building in the country, through the use of modern light installation materials, in the eve of the year 2000 was converted into the highest festive Christmas tree in the world. Since then, it has become a nice annual tradition to decorate the TV tower in the lace of luminous garlands for Christmas and the New Year. And in 2006, during the World Basketball Championships in Japan, the world's largest basket was illuminated on the tower.
Historic antennae park in the vicinity of the TV tower
Recently, commemorating the 85th anniversary of radio transmission and its own activities, Telecentras – the Lithuanian Radio and Television Centre – opened the historic aerial park at the Vilnius TV tower. It exhibits the antennae not only interesting in technological terms but they really have impressive designs. Among others, the park has Nera satellite antenna, donated in 1991 to Lithuania by the Norwegian Telecom. During the Soviet aggression this antenna was used to ensure the communication with the world in the Supreme Council building.
The tower, the main witness of the painful history
Vilnius TV tower also reminds about the tragic date of January 13, 1991, the events when Soviet tanks surrounded the tower to take it over and interrupt the Lithuanian radio and television broadcast, proclaiming to the world of the brutal and illegal actions of the Soviets. Thousands of unarmed people gathered in front of the television tower, protesting against the Soviet troops. Fourteen Lithuanians who defended the tower from intruders were fatally injured on that terrible night under the tanks. Today the crosses and monuments at the entrance, moderate one of the biggest struggles for the country's independence.