We have great news for those who like to go out: Lithuania has over a hundred different lengths of walkways and trails. Some of them stretch through wetlands and other forests, near the rivers and lakes, and mythological stones and barrows. All hiking trails are equipped so you can familiarize yourself with the most beautiful regions of Lithuania. Challenging trails will be chosen both by nature lovers, families with children and lovers of extreme sensations.
Oak forest trail turns the time backwards
If you want to see what an old famous Lithuanian forest looked like, visit Dukstos oak park, one of the largest and oldest oak forests preserved in the country to this day. It occupies the area of 302 ha, and the age of magnificent oaks growing here, once worshipped in Lithuania, is up to 200 years.
Information stands are equipped along the trail. Read them, and learn about the values of natural Dukstos oak forest: trees and shrubs, rare plants growing here, mysterious bats, birds making nests and animals.
At the outskirts of the oak forest there is a large stone with yet unread characters. It is believed that money is buried under it. Many people have been enticed by these stories and tried to dig on all sides of the stone, looking for money. But no one has ever succeeded; the rock hides money until today. In addition to the treasure, it is believed that the stone also has powers. It is believed that it helps dreams come true.
A mountain favourite of people, devils and witches
One of the most beloved hiking trails is a Witch Mountain in Juodkrante, Curonian Spit, from which you will see the radiant Baltic Sea, and some shining of the Curonian Lagoon penetrating across the pine and spruce trunks. Legends tell that from time immemorial devils and witches were feasting there. Thus emerged the idea to settle here more than 80 wood-carved characters of legends and fairy tales. Nature also has helped to implement this idea, and divided the hill into two parts: the light and the dark. In the light part the trail is broad and sunny, and populated with the good characters of Lithuanian fairy tales. Continue walking, and the track narrows and darkens – here the hell gets loose: Lucifer stepping from the abyss goes, and witches with devils. After descending from the hill, you will be meant by a sinking rooster, scaring away all the ghosts and devils, and the trail again gets right and wide.
Trail in Jomantas woods – a favourite of children
Another tourist favourite trail runs in the area Jomantas forest in Telšiai district. Walk along it to get familiar with the Lithuania's natural heritage and biodiversity. This trail is perfect for families with small children, because a large variety of play areas are equipped here. In each information stand the kids will find a question, and have to look around to find an answer.
Cognitive trails through the wetlands
Those who like to travel in search of adventure we offer Debesnų path through the swamp. Go on an extreme ride along Sietuva stone trail – a cobbled invisible path through the swamp, which, according to local stories, is equipped and designed to lead enemies astray. Many call this creation of human hands the work of giants, because it seems that only these warriors could bring so many stones here to fill up the 7 metre deep swamp.
Pajūrio coastal cognitive trail
Lithuanian seaside is one of the most amazing natural areas. Here, in the Curonian Spit National Park, listed as UNESCO heritage, are many cognitive trails. One of the most interesting is stretching along Nagliai nature reserve through the sandbound villages and stunning gray dune landscape.

Improve your health with Nordic walking
Take a stroll along cognitive paths and try the Nordic walking that is becoming increasingly popular. The walking style is way far more effective than usual walking because when you use sticks, not only the legs but also arms and upper body muscles are working. Lithuania even has special routes for this type of walking so you can march and make sports, while admiring the beauty of surroundings.