Lithuania is a country with some of the fastest internet in the world. It has the extensive developed network. There are many Free Web areas around the city, so upon arrival to our country on business, you do not need to sit with your computer in hotels and conference halls. Take it anywhere and go to work to cafes, the city's main streets, where you will easily connect to the Internet.
Lithuania has the fastest Internet
Lithuania has the fastest broadband speeds of Internet in the world. The download speed is up to 30 Mbps. The study carried out by British scholars found that Kaunas is one of the leading cities in the world in the development and quality of broadband communications, only giving way to Japan's major cities.
In addition, Lithuanian broadband communications quality is so good that its users can access the so-called “Future Internet” services: high definition TV, high-quality video communication. Lithuanians are some of the leaders in this field, and a year ago just one country in the world – already mentioned Japan was prepared for such services.
Lithuania is a leading European country and the sixth country in the world by the prevalence of fibre-optic internet, for the third year in success. The Internet is used by as much as 65 per cent /Republic of Lithuania.
List of attractions – while sipping coffee
Wireless Internet access is convenient for those who travel a lot and are constantly looking for information online. It is particularly convenient to do so in Lithuania, because the free Internet access is available in almost all the tourist spots. Sit in cafes – sip coffee and browse places of interest located right next to you, or send an instant message to your friends. If you do not have a computer, visit libraries or Internet cafes.
Free Internet in all major cities of Lithuania
If you are in Vilnius, you have a computer and want to use the Internet, you can do it the Cathedral square, Gediminas Avenue, or at Vokiečių street, where there is free public Internet access. You can also have free internet access in Vilnius International Airport. You will have access to free internet in Kaunas in Laisve Avenue.
Free Internet zones are equipped in other areas of the major cities of Lithuania. In Klaipeda it is in the Theatre Square and the new ferry, in Siauliai – in the central Vilnius pedestrian boulevard, in Panevezys – in Laisve Square and in Senvage.