National flag                                                               
Lithuanian national flag
Capital: Vilnius
Language: Lithuanian
National anthem: “Tautiška giesmė“ - Vincas Kudirka
State emblem
Lithuanian State emblem - Vytis
Total area: 65,300 km2
Population: 2 823 000
National Currency: Euro (€)
Local time: GMT + 2 hours
International telephone code:  +370
Geographical location: The Republic of Lithuania lies on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea.
Neighbour countries: Latvia, Russia, Poland and Belarus
Independence: Independent from the 16th  February 1918 (till 1940­). 2nd independence 11th March 1990.
Government: Democratic Republic
International partnership: NATO, EU and Schengen area
Resorts: Palanga, Neringa, Druskininkai, Birštonas
Ethnicity: Lithuanian – 83.5%, Polish – 6.7%, Russian – 6.3%, Belarusian – 1.2%, other – 2.3%.
Religion: Predominantly, Roman Catholic (approximately 80% of the total population). Others  include Orthodox, Old Believers, Lutheran, Reformat, Jewish, Sunni, Karaite and other communities.
Landscape: There are over 2,800 lakes larger than 0.5 hectares in size, and 18 rivers longer than 100 kilometres in Lithuania... more
Climate: Oceanic/continental. Average temperature in July is +17°C, in January – -4.9°C. However, temperatures can soar up to +30C in summer, and drop down to -32C in winter.