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Lithuania Sees Strong Growth in Inbound Tourism

2015 March 17
In line with other Baltic states, inbound tourism to Lithuania has risen as the number of local tourists exceeded 1 million and the number of visitor stays from foreign tourists rose to 1.3 million. Visitor attraction is increasing heavily from further afield, as news of Lithuania’s quirky and vibrant charm is reaching to the far corners of the earth, attracting high number of visitors from Japan and the USA.
Coming from the UK, visitors are spared the long-haul flight and can experience what Lithuania has to offer with a short hop across the seas. Direct flights from the UK have expanded as Ryan Air is offering a new flight from Edinburgh to Kaunas whilst still operating from London Stansted and WizzAir from Luton. Less than a three hour flight with either of these carriers will take visitors to a treasure trove of natural beauty; Vilnius’ baroque old town, Trakei castle and the Curonian Spit are just a few gems waiting to be discovered and part of what makes Lithuania Europe’s best kept secret.
Lithuania’s recent move to join the Eurozone also holds promise of increasing inbound tourism for 2015 as from 01 January 2015 it became easier to implement electronic payments and transactions in the country. The move is the final stage in Lithuania’s bid to become a fully-fledged European nation, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of Lithuania’s independence, a campaign which has certainly come full circle with its motto ‘Back to Europe’.