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TOP10 Lakes of Lithuania

2017 June 15
1. Lake Apvalasas in Rokiškis district – it is shaped like Lithuania!
2. Lake Plateliai in Plungė district – there is Šeirė bicycle and pedestrian path (4.1 km long) built around it.
3. Lake Šventas in Zarasai district, in Gražutė regional park. The water in this lake is among the cleanest and clearest in Lithuania, and it has a beach with the whitest sand.
4. Lake Galvė – maybe you have already visited it a number of times, however, exceptional stand-up paddle board trips are now organised on the lake by night.
5. Sinkhole Lakes of Kirkilai in Biržai regional park – you can observe them from a 32-metre-high Kirkilai panoramic viewing tower. Small lakes were formed as sinkholes were filled with water. In summer, their water becomes coloured in different colours. By chemical composition of the water, they are similar to Icelandic geysers.
6. Lake Mastis in Telšiai district – its shore is in excellent order with rotundas, playgrounds and a dancing fountain. You can hire pedalos or catamarans to be used on the lake. The six bridges of the lake are decorated with small sculptures of merry young bears, which are the symbol of Telšiai.
7. Kaunas Reservoir – “the Lithuanian Atlantis”, because during the construction of a hydroelectric power plant, when the Nemunas River was dammed, the villages located there were flooded. The reservoir has impressive shores and swan colonies. From Kaunas jetty, you can take a boat to Kadagiai valley or Rumšiškės.
8. Lake Zarasas. It has a beautiful beach. In Didžioji (Great) Island of Lake Zarasas, various events and festivals are organised. The lake also has an island shaped like Italy, which is called Italija (Italy) Island.
9. Lake Gėla in Vilnius district. It is the only lake where you can get white mud therapy free-of-charge by applying the mud yourselves.
10. Lake Sravinaitis in Ignalina district – it is interesting because, in rural homesteads located on its shores, you can taste fish soup cooked with the water from this lake! This is done according to revived century-old traditions of fishermen of eastern Aukštaitija. The lake is situated on the territory of Aukštaitija National Park and has especially beautiful banks, which are well suited for bathing and are liked by fishermen.