Airlines: Airline connections with Lithuania are excellent. Lithuania has three international airports, i.e. Vilnius Airport (, Kaunas Airport (, and Palanga Airport ( Scheduled flights operated by 11 different airlines connect Vilnius with all major Western and Eastern European hubs; 3 airlines service Kaunas Airport, and 5 airlines service Palanga Airport (holiday resort in close proximity to the Klaipėda seaport). Lithuania has 27 airports and aerodromes in total; the majority of them welcome private planes.
Water transport, ferries: Seagoing ferries connect Klaipėda seaport with 6 Baltic Sea ports in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Poland ( Inland ferries connect Klaipėda with Smiltynė on the Curonian Spit ( Klaipėda has two yacht-clubs; one of them is conveniently located in the very centre of the city, next to the terminal for cruise ships (
Overland Routes: Lithuania boasts well-developed roads and infrastructure of road networks; the quality of Lithuanian roads is much better when compared to that of the neighbouring countries. The total length of highways, national and regional roads exceeds 21,000 kilometres, and the total length of all the roads comes over 67,0 thousand km. There are over 400 stop and rest grounds on the roadsides, road restaurants, motels, etc. apart. An extensive system of petrol stations is in place.
The following six European highways cross Lithuania:
E67 VIA BALTICA:  Helsinki-Tallinn-Riga-Pasvalys-Panevėžys-Kaunas-Marijampolė-Warsaw-Wroclaw-Prague
E28:  Berlin-Gdansk-Kaliningrad-Kybartai-Marijampolė-Vilnius-Minsk-Gomel
E 77:  Pskov-Riga-Joniškis-Šiauliai-Tauragė- Kaliningrad-Gdansk-Warsaw-Krakow-Budapest
E 85:  Klaipėda-Kaunas-Vilnius-Lida-Chernovcy-Bucharest-Alexandropol
E 262:  Ostrov-Daugavpils-Zarasai-Ukmergė-Kaunas
E 272:  Klaipėda-Palanga-Šiauliai-Panevėžys-Ukmergė-Vilnius
Speed Limit for Motor Vehicles: 50 km/h in town, 90/h out of town on national roads, 110 km/h (November 1 – March 31) and 130 km/h (April 1 – October 31) on highways, unless traffic signs specify otherwise.
Passenger transport: Cities, towns and smaller settlements are connected by interurban bus service routes (for addresses of all larger bus terminals throughout the country, visit, or dial 118 for more information).
International Road Border Posts:
On the border with Poland: Kalvarija (road A5); Lazdijai (A135).
On the border with Latvia: Būtingė (A13); Bukaičiai (A222); Kalviai (A12); Saločiai (A10); Obeliai (A122); Smėlynė (A6).
On the border with Belarus: Lavoriškės (A103); Medininkai (A3); Šalčininkai (A104); Raigardas (A4).
On the border with the Russian Federation (Kaliningrad Region): Nida (A167); Panemunė (A12); Kybartai (A7).
Roadmap(Including Railroad Map):
Information Hotline: 118.
Emergency Telephone Number: 112. Dial this number from all public telephone networks anywhere in Lithuania. Calls to this number are free of charge at any time of the day, from any service provider, mobile or fixed line. Dial this number to report criminal offences, life-threatening conditions, health, safety or environmental hazards, and call respective emergency services.