Lithuanians are very fond of going to the heat of baths, to regain their strength and health. People prefer a bath as a kind of leisure where they have fun with friends and take care of their health. It is safe to say that ailments caused by the rapid pace of life are very quickly and efficiently evaporated in a hot bath, and stress is cleaned from the body with the twigs of branches of oak, birch and other trees.
Features of the Lithuanian bath
Lithuanian bath is a steam room differs from the rest of the world baths with its own special healing properties. The variety of procedures practised here and their very strong effect fascinates all the guests of the country. The Lithuanian bath is primarily distinguished by the abundant use of a wide variety of herbal plants. Lithuanian bath uses steam plant infusions which are particularly hot, the hot body is massaged, thrashed with the herb twigs, so all diseases and ailments go away in an instant. Traditional Lithuanian wisps are made of a wide variety of plants – from the twigs of trees to grasses. Birch wisp is a classic of the bath, and even referred to as a “bath doctor”. Properly crafted, the wisp preserves the plant energy, and its therapeutic properties. It is healthiest to use the freshly picked and tied up twigs.
Lithuanian sauna facilities are also exceptional: original heaters, comfortable and practical bunks, separate rooms for different procedures. All this allows to relax and enjoy the pleasures of the bath.
A bathhouse attendant is the most important person in the bath
The most important person in the Lithuanian bath is a bathhouse attendant. He has thorough knowledge of plants, knows the healing properties of herbs, and the secrets of massage. And most importantly – he is a professional in thrashing. The ability to deftly handle the wisp, giving the unique pleasure for the client, is worthy of a lot of respect. If you think you do not like the bath, after such procedures you will no longer say so – you will feel reborn again and want to come back.
When you heat up well enough jump into the ice hole
Body hardening with snow and cold water has been known since long ago. Modern medical studies have shown that immunity is highly reinforced when the body is affected with contrasting procedures. An ice hole in a frozen lake is perfect for that, but before jumping here, you should prepare yourself and become sufficiently hot in the warm bath. When the body’s temperature has been high enough, there is no need to fear of catching cold and having a runny nose after plunging into the ice hole, so this swimming you can enjoy even in midwinter. However, jump into the cold water but don't stay here for too long. In this way, the body will not cool down too much, you will not catch cold but only get a dose of a health tonic.
Best baths are at the Ignalina Lakes
Lithuania has many great baths, but if you're visiting here for the first time and do not know where the good old Lithuanian bath is the best – we recommend travelling to Ignalina. The surroundings of this northeast Lithuanian town are very hilly, and the finest and various baths are standing on the coasts of the lakes: ancient and traditional, innovative and modern. Each bath is interesting in its own way, so it should satisfy even the most demanding tourist needs.