LET THERE BE NIGHT! is a spectacular event in which nearly a hundred and fifty various cultural events fill the spaces of Vilnius Art meccas and open areas, under the starry summer sky. The curious who come to the Culture Night in June will have a good time, friendly wondering around the night city and discovering the Vilnius and its places that sometimes can be overlooked in daylight.
A hundred thousand crowd of visitors
The Culture Night in Lithuania has been around for about six years. It has become one of the most awaited festivals in the city of Vilnius, the popularity of it is not overshadowed even by contradictory Lithuanian weather. The night attracts more than 100,000 visitors not only from the capital city, but also from other towns or countries. Up to one hundred and fifty projects are presented by more than one hundred cultural organizations and about 500 artists. The event atmosphere is extremely jolly and engaging, so you will have no time to yawn or think about going to bed.
On that night, the city is flooded by events
Let There Be Night is the only night of the year when you can see and experience what you cannot during the rest time of the year, no matter how much you want. Only in this night, the squares, parks, small courtyards, terraces and most unexpected spaces of the city are flooded by presentations and events of different kinds, and art projects. People are invited to not only to look, but also to participate, to engage in romantic night life and stroll around the city museums, galleries, churches, concert halls, theatres and workshops open everywhere and for everyone.
Wide open are all doors of museums, galleries, theatres
During the Culture Night the city squares are filled with wild dancers, movie lovers sitting on the grass immersed into the magic of the night cinema, the silence gently disrupted by poetry, and spaces of the city turned into the stages overwhelmed with sounds of enchanting melodies, and performances.
Only this night the doors of Vilnius museums, galleries, theatres and churches are open to visitors. They can visit them and watch incredible exhibitions, strangest shows, listen to the concert programs – all free of charge. Led by guides, you will find yourself in intriguing thematic and historical tours, and get to know a different Vilnius city, you will hear its most interesting secrets.