If you are interested in art, in Lithuania, your heart will revive. You will be surprised to learn how many various galleries there are in such a tiny country, representing different periods and styles of art. Almost all of them regularly replace exhibitions, offering artworks of prominent Lithuanian and foreign artists.
Art galleries in Lithuania
The abundance of art galleries in Lithuania will satisfy each and every inquisitive taste:
  • For detailed familiarisation with the Lithuanian art, be sure to visit the National Gallery of Art. It is not only one of the newest, but one of the most modern art centres of the country.
  • Mykolas Žilinskas Art Gallery in Kaunas presents the works spanning a very broad period: from ancient Egyptian times to the Western European paintings of the twentieth century.
  • It is worth to visit the Lithuanian Artists' Union Gallery, called Meno Parkas, which not only exhibits the works, but also carries out experimental projects.
  • Arkos Galerija not only arranges exhibitions but also hosts a variety of artist gatherings and is called the Vilnius’ art centre of attraction.
  • Vartai is the largest private art gallery in Lithuania, where you can explore and purchase the Lithuanian and foreign artistic works.
  • Užupio Galerija is the Lithuania’s only specialized art gallery, representing the old goldsmith tradition, exhibiting modern metal plastics and its processing technologies.
  • Contemporary Art Centre, a refuge of modern artists, is visited by a growing number of guests.
And this is just a few of the most interesting galleries worth visiting in Lithuania.
More about the Contemporary Arts Centre
Particular attention is attracted by contemporary, modern art, and the Contemporary Arts Centre (CAC) is one of the most visited centres in Lithuania. It is the largest modern art museum not only in the Baltic States, but also throughout the post-Soviet Europe. It regularly features exhibitions, installations, performances of the Lithuanian and worldwide art. The Contemporary Art Centre is not just for exhibitions: the newest and most popular art hindsights are implemented here, and lectures, meetings with professional artists are organized.
The CAC also has a reading room open for everyone. It has zillions of art, architecture and design magazines, publications, artist exhibition catalogues and art books.
Perhaps the most popular place of meeting of artists in Vilnius is the CAC cafe. A strangely shaped building at Vokiečių street is like a Mecca, attracting all art-sympathetic people.
 Fluxus movement – inspired by a Lithuanian artist
In addition, the Contemporary Art Centre presents a permanent exhibition entitled Jurgio Mačiūno Biuras – Fluxus (“Jurgis Mačiūnas Office – Fluxus”). It has nearly a hundred of exhibits reflecting the Fluxus movement.
Jurgis Mačiūnas (1931-1978) is a well-known Lithuanian artist who inspired the Fluxus movement – perhaps the most radical experimental art movement in the world that emerged in the 7th decade. Following the Fluxus concept and meaning, Jurgis Mačiūnas influenced the development of postmodernism, and changed the well-established approach to art.