Golf, considered an elitist sport, is becoming increasingly more popular in Lithuania. Lithuania is setting up new golf courses meeting the global standards, expanding fan clubs and communities, and organising international professional golf tournaments. By visiting Lithuania’s golf courses you will not only enjoy this attractive pastime, but also discover the spectacular landscape of Lithuania.
The landscape is ideal for golf holes
The quality of the Lithuanian golf clubs is recognized by experienced foreign golfers. Landscape of the country is ideal for this entertainment: many millenia ago, retreating glaciers have formed hills, small lakes, exposures – everything perfectly tailored for golf terrains. It takes very little of manual work to turn wildlife into professional golf green.
Golf courses in Lithuania for everyone's needs
Golf courses in Lithuania welcome beginners and professionals. Beginners can enjoy a number of driving ranges specially designed for training. Here you can improve your swings with the help of professional coaches. Golf clubs located in scenic areas meet professional golfers with a variety of natural handicaps: ponds, water channels, sand, dunes, hills, woodlands. Sometimes the terrain height differences are up to 30 meters.
In addition to golf courses
Every golf course is a challenge that makes you want to overcome it. And after a round, Lithuanian golf clubs invite players to rest and recover in local restaurants, to stay and relax in comfortable hotels, and shop in specialized golf shops. In Lithuania, the product quality meets the demands of even the most selective buyers, and the prices look attractive. On the contrary – the quality-price ratio is very attractive for the Lithuanian visitors.
Another advantage is that golf courses are located near the most interesting and prominent Lithuanian tourist attractions. Most prominent cities in the vicinity: Vilnius, with its great old town listed on the UNESCO's World Heritage List, Kernavė, which is also protected by UNESCO, Trakai with the only island castle in the Eastern Europe, Klaipeda – the Lithuania's main port, and Kaunas with its famous and interesting museums. Also, you can see the most beautiful landscapes in the vicinity: river valleys, ancient mounds, ethnographic villages, or wander through dense woods, relax in the Baltic Sea sandy beaches.