Lithuania is a laky country: our country has more than 3000 lakes. Apparently, you can't visit them all while coming to Lithuania, but what you can do is to travel around the most beautiful and prominent of them. In particular, you will find many lakes in Ignalina district. The mound overlooks a magnificent view with as many as six lakes surrounded by forests. Lithuanians are very fond of water. In lakes, they go swimming, fishing, water biking, boating, or canoeing. In winter, they go skiing or skating on the frozen ice.
Drūkšiai is the largest lake in Lithuania
Lithuania's largest lake is Drūkšiai. Its catchment area covers the surrounding creeks, coastal wetlands and forests. The lake is surrounded with many types of rare vegetation not only in Lithuania but also throughout Europe, and the lake itself is valuable as a habitat of rare birds, crustaceans and fish species. In addition, the history tells a story of a majestic castle that was once standing in the island of Drūkšiai.
Tauragnas Lake is the deepest
Tauragnas is not only the deepest (62.5 m) lake in Lithuania but it has the highest altitude above sea (165 m). It is the heart of Aukštaitija National Park, a favourite place of tourists, berry, mushroom gatherers and anglers. A legend tells that the lake name comes from tauruses that suddenly started talking in human voices and advised a duke to build a castle and settle a village here. Although the castle has not survived till our days, but the mound at the lake Tauragnas is standing like a sentinel.
Tauragnas Lake is the deepest
Asveja is the longest lake in Lithuania, stretching for more than 22 km. It is also one of the deepest lakes in Lithuania – its depth can be 50.2 m. From Asveja, in streams and rivers, by boat or canoe, you can reach Vilnius or even... Stockholm.
Asveja Regional Park is one of the most amazing places for healthy recreation, fascinating with its natural beauty and rich history. For starters, just come and walk on a wooden bridge built across the lake, supported by centennial oak poles.
Sartai Lake favoured by fishermen
Sartai Lake reminds of a branchy tree and has the longest coastline in Lithuania – as many as 79 km. The lake is particularly favourite among anglers because of the variety of fish: rope, perch, pike, roach, bream, roach, bleak, silver bream, ide, catfish, chub, and other fish – it is difficult to even list it all.
In winter a sports horse racing is held on Sartai Lake, attracting crowds of spectators not only from Lithuania, but from foreign countries, too.
Plateliai Lake good for diving
Plateliai is one of the most transparent lakes in Lithuania, it's bottom terrain is very diverse, with many depths and shallows. It is therefore not surprising that this lake is especially favourite among divers. Diving in Plateliai lake, you can see the “city of burbot” an “aviation bomb”, an ancient castle’s poles, clay pyramids, and sunken yachts. Also, Plateliai Lake is famous for its developed underwater fishing, offering a catch of a big variety of fish here.