While strolling along the streets of Vilnius, you are very likely to meet a white snowy angel, or maybe even a few. Vilnius is a city of smiling angels. For several years, those friendly little ones are a delight to the eyes of passers-by in most unusual places. The angels deliver a special message and protect the residents and visitors of Vilnius against a variety of troubles and disasters.
Angels travelling around the city bring joy to people
Angels, seen in the variety of places of the city, cause a lot of positive emotions. Each of them is unique, radiating a different mood, and having its own unique history. Therefore it is no surprise that it takes a whole month to bring one angel to life – sculptor Vaidotas Ramoška creates each of them with great dedication and love.
Little angels are very cute and lightweight, so people can carry them to a different place where their help is most needed at the time. Many of the angels have been extensively travelling around the city. If they could talk, they could tell a lot about Vilnius and its people. On the other hand, Vilnius people can also tell a lot of most unusual stories about angels – once, their author even had to go to police to recognise one injured angel.
If you're observant, you will meet them
Although the angels travel around all areas of the city, you will find most of them in the Old Town of Vilnius. They sit cosily in the Town Hall, in the Cathedral and Kudirka's squares, next to the Fluxus Ministry or in one of the numerous courtyards of Vilnius University. Sometimes the angels happen to travel to the apartment block areas of Vilnius to guard and bring joy to the residents of private houses and apartment blocks.
There are also emigrants angels who departed to live abroad. It happened when Vilnius was preparing to become the European Capital of Culture, when Lithuania was commemorating the millennium anniversary of its name in 2009. Symbols of goodness then decorated about 20 European city buildings and public areas. They all protect, save and, of course bring, joy to people.
Have a happy flight!
One angel is special to those coming to Lithuania by plane. The little one, sitting in Vilnius International Airport, calmly and quietly farewells everyone with a smile, wishing them to have a good trip. This lovely and oh-so cute handsome fellow on the suitcase in the departure hall is called the guardian of the airport and the visitors of Lithuania. It is believed that if you fondle this angel, you wish yourself happy landing, and success in life.