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Art and culture

From ancient times to now Lithuanian art plays a special role in our hearts. The power of creativity lives inside us and allows us to make steps that lead us further. The sound of breathing may sometimes become music for a film. The wind that blows hair at the sea – song lyrics. A kicked road stone – a sculpture, a friend’s letter sent from a distant place – a piece of painting. Creation does not begin and does not end. It lives inside us, allows us to make steps that we wouldn’t dare to make, counts codes that we couldn’t grasp if not for the power of creativity. There would be no life without creation. There would be no Lithuania that we have at present. That is what makes Lithuanian culture so special.


There are so many museums in Lithuania waiting to tell their stories. Magnificent museums located in castles that evoke the country’s glorious past, and small museums that are nurtured in earnest by the local communities. Museums that showcase valuable art collections and intrigue you with the most unexpected exhibits. Museums that take pride in their huge archives, and museums that teach in the most innovative ways – the more than a hundred museums operating in Lithuania will astonish you with their diversity.


Lithuanian architecture is very old. A countless mass of days is looking from every tower. If the brick walls caressed by many hands could talk, they would definitely narrate about famous architects and their pupils who travelled across Europe. They would remind us of the most notable schools and trends of architecture that have left an imprint in our cities and towns. The identity of Lithuania’s architecture is defined not only by historical situations, but also by people who lived at different periods of time, their perception of art, expectations, the dreams that were realised and those that have not been fulfilled. Their understanding of the living space, what they were proud of and what they wanted to show to the world. Starting with wood, stone and clay, Lithuania already built brick buildings back in the 13th century. The remains of masonry from that century might be found in the very heart of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, i.e. in the bell tower of the cathedral. Open to a diversity of culture, art trends and architectural styles, Lithuania created an extraordinary and unique face of architecture.

Contemporary art

If art changes the world, it also changes Lithuania. In particular modern art. Lithuanians appreciate contemporary art - our history of modern art witnessed rises and the golden age, numb silence and bold attempts to swim against the current. Charming interwar Modernism, the gloomy reality of the Soviet period, the masterpieces of the thaw and creative flashes of art reflecting the contemporary world create extraordinary art space that does not finish with museums and galleries. It takes you by the hand, involves and invites to get to know the fabulous world of culture.


Even though we joke that for Lithuanians, modesty is a national trait, let’s not be modest – Lithuania is the land of theatre. There are many theatres in Lithuania and Lithuanians are deeply in love with it. It’s hard to believe, but there was a time when we would wait in long queues all night long for theatre tickets. Today there are no more queues at the theatre, but there are also no tickets available online to the best shows. Reserve them in advance and surrender yourself to the magic of the theatre. Because what is happening on the stages of Lithuania’s best theatres is magic indeed.