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Art spaces

A contemporary art museum in the capital city and a gallery in a forest. Works made in a glade in a steading and shipped to galleries in New York and London. Conceptual spaces and distinctive places, telling us the most interesting art stories. The new art is extremely diverse. Likewise, places where art can be seen are also diverse.

Gallery “Vartai”

The open windows of this gallery always let the Old Town of Vilnius inside. With the bells of churches and the sounds of the steps of passers-by. Established right after restoration of independence, the gallery has always meant much more than an exhibition space. Its constant attempts to reduce the distance between an artist and a visitor have been fruitful. Today “Vartai” presents the best-known global artists to Lithuania and also shows Lithuanian art to the world.

Gallery “Meno niša”

Situated in a cobbled street in which the road of Vilnius to the West has started, “Meno niša” is open to both the greatest talents of Lithuania and talented young artists. Having rallied the creators from a variety of art fields and media, the gallery represents them in international art fairs in Vienna, Berlin, Brussels, Paris. 

Gallery “Vilniaus cechas”

The Builders’ Culture Palace in Vilnius, which reminds of the Iron Curtain period, has become an unexpected contemporary art space. It has been discovered by one of the most successful Ukrainian galleries, ЦЕХ, believing that Vilnius has been gradually becoming a real art centre, a meeting place for creative people. It is a place that opens the road for Ukrainians to Europe. It is perfect art in astounding space.

Gallery “Grafo”

If you would like not only to become acquainted with Lithuanian and Scandinavian art presented by contemporary art gallery “Grafo”, but also see the fantastic cellars of the Old Town of Vilnius, you should necessarily find “Grafo” in the narrow Trakų Street. Here creation reflects the latest contemporary art trends, and having quenched your hunger for culture, climb upstairs and taste something offered by the artists working in the nearby restaurant. 

Gallery “Post”

It is an open house of a contemporary city. It is a gallery that is not afraid of experimenting, always moving forward, trying to understand and present the genres of contemporary culture and their creators. You should have no doubt as to what you will see here. “Post” is known for high quality art, its dissemination, and the community of artists. The cultural life of Kaunas cannot be imagined without this gallery. 

Gallery “Baroti”

People working here say that belonging to the art society is their calling and a habit lying deep in their heart. One of the key galleries in Klaipėda has a firm foundation, a good image and strong art traditions, and it is favoured by artists and art lovers. You just simply have to stay in it for a while in order to feel it.

Panevėžys City Art Gallery

If you travel from Riga to Vilnius, you should necessarily have a stop in Panevėžys. Travellers who follow the footprints of art have recognised Panevėžys City Art Gallery among the top ten art galleries in the Baltic states. Ceramicists from various countries come to international symposiums organised by the gallery. They often leave their own works here – the gallery has accumulated a big collection of fireclay ceramic works.

Antanas Mončys House-Museum

By the sea, in Palanga, the road might unexpectedly take you to... France. The house of the famous Lithuanian sculptor Antanas Mončys, who lived in France, is brimming with the scent and taste of this country. His works only returned to his homeland in times of freedom. The sculptor donated most of his collection to Lithuania and asked that it be put on permanent display in Palanga. Not only on display – you can touch the sculptures here!