A. Rasimavičius / Sostinės dienos

Autumn events

When we return to the city from the shore, the lakes, our homesteads, and our tents, all tan and recharged, we dive head first into culture. Our cities reverberate with theatre and good music, and the galleries open their doors wide open to show the fine works that were created during the summer. Autumn is a time for culture, and in autumn, culture goes out into the streets – it is colourful, and it takes your breath away. It opens your eyes and your feelings, and becomes ingrained in your experience, setting the joy of creativity free. Let’s surrender to it with the best events.

New Circus Weekend

Juggling firewood, tightrope walking in the woods, and doing a lot of other things that completely destroy the usual perception of a circus – that’s what the international contemporary circus festival known as New Circus Weekend is all about. Long-standing tradition doesn’t prevent it from experimenting and inviting even the most shocking contemporary circus troupes to Vilnius. Astonishing performances where circus, theatre, acrobatics and philosophy intertwine, and which shake up everyday life and open the door to a completely different world.

Sirenos Theatre Festival

It’s no secret that sirens are hard to resist – they call you, invite you, tempt you. In its second decade of offering challenging contemporary European and world theatre, Vilnius’ international Sirenos (“Sirens”) Theatre Festival also has an easy time netting in fans of original stage. The new theatre presents a different approach. Sometimes it surprises you, and sometimes it makes you want to object – or even just slam the door. However, theatre is theatre, and the more arousing it is, the more viewers flock to performances. And one thing is for sure – Sirenos has no problem getting an audience, so make sure to get your tickets in advance. 

Vilnius City Fiesta

After resting from all the cars in summer, flirting with tourists at night, and getting back all of the locals who were away on holiday, Vilnius celebrates a new season on the first weekend of September. The traditional Vilnius City Fiesta invites the capital’s locals and guests to spend some time together. To talk a walk together down the buzzing Gediminas Avenue, to meet up with friends on Arts and Music Street, to get together on Book Boulevard or buy gifts on Tasty Souvenir Road, to dive into culinary experiences on the bank of the Neris between Mindaugas Bridge and the Green Bridge, or to view the traditional Vilnius City Fiesta video projection. Once your legs are warmed up, pay a tribute to the soul with jazz music or the touching sound of guitar, a noisy rock concert or a great DJ performance. Take your pick!

Biržai Festival of Northern Lithuanian Music

Musicians say that the concerts here are always real. And it doesn’t matter where they take place – in the magnificent Biržai Castle, at the Cultural Centre, or in the Evangelical Reformed Church. The talented performers who have already been coming to the very edge of Lithuania every autumn for two decades give the gift of classical music to Biržai and the surrounding towns.