A. Rasimavičius / Sostinės dienos

Autumn events

When we return to the city from the shore, the lakes, our homesteads, and our tents, all tan and recharged, we dive head first into culture. Our cities reverberate with theatre and good music, and the galleries open their doors wide open to show the fine works that were created during the summer. Autumn is a time for culture, and in autumn, culture goes out into the streets – it is colourful, and it takes your breath away. It opens your eyes and your feelings, and becomes ingrained in your experience, setting the joy of creativity free. Let’s surrender to it with the best events.

Sirenos Theatre Festival

It’s no secret that sirens are hard to resist – they call you, invite you, tempt you. In its second decade of offering challenging contemporary European and world theatre, Vilnius’ international Sirenos (“Sirens”) Theatre Festival also has an easy time netting in fans of original stage. The new theatre presents a different approach. Sometimes it surprises you, and sometimes it makes you want to object – or even just slam the door. However, theatre is theatre, and the more arousing it is, the more viewers flock to performances. And one thing is for sure – Sirenos has no problem getting an audience, so make sure to get your tickets in advance.