M. Gričėnas

Best choices

There are things that you’ll have to return for if you don’t try out, and once you experience them, you’ll want to keep coming back!

Going On A Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Vilnius

Vilnius is one of the few capitals in Europe, above which it is possible to fly in a hot air balloon. The streets of the Old Town, the tiled roofs and church spires, the rivers Neris and Vilnelė, the hills and parks of the city open up from a bird’s-eye view at a new, breathtaking angle.

Sailing Round Trakai Island Castle

You can have a good view of the legendary castle that that reminds one of the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the magnificent vistas of Trakai vicinity if you go sailing on a yacht or boat in Lake Galvė.

Crossing Curonian Spit by Bike

The best way to explore the Curonian Spit, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is by crossing it by bike! There are excellent conditions for this, as the cycling route goes along the entire length of the Lithuanian territory of the peninsula (about 50 km).

Discovering Interwar Kaunas Architecture

The Provisional Capital of Lithuania is characterized by a fair number of examples of interwar architecture, reflecting both the international Bauhaus tendencies and a special Lithuanian style. Its density in the city is a unique phenomenon that allows the city to claim the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Finding Amber on a Lithuanian Seashore

Walking on the shore of the Baltic Sea in search of little pieces of amber also known as the gold of Lithuania is one of the most romantic pastimes you can imagine. You are most likely to find amber in algae left on the shore after a storm or among slivers or chips of shells.

Baking Šakotis the Tree Cake

The šakotis is a delicacy it is hard to imagine a festive Lithuanian table without. Participating in the production process of this impressive pastry, which involves the use of several dozen eggs, is no less entertaining than tasting it.

Looking at 6 Lakes From Ladakalnis Hill

In Aukštaitija National Park, with as many as 126 lakes, it is worthwhile to climb onto a natural observation deck, a former Baltic Shrine, 176-meter-high Ladakalnis hill with a panoramic view of even 6 lakes.

Relaxing in Mineral Water SPAs

Lithuanian resorts in Birštonas and Druskininkai offer much more than traditional health improvement and recreation services. A year-round skiing complex, mineral water inhalations, open-air body cultivation procedures or a cable car ride across the Nemunas – a lot to choose from!