L. Ciūnys

City parks

Our cities are engulfed in greenery. The parks in the centres of the major cities allow you to breathe in deep, even on the hottest day.

Kaunas parks

Located at the confluence of two rivers, Kaunas takes pride in Santaka Park, which is surrounded by Kaunas Castle and St George’s Church and Monastery. This is a popular place among Kaunas locals to take a stroll, and city events are often held here. Greenery also surrounds the magnificent architectural monument that is the Pažaislis Monastery ensemble – in this park, every season of the year is a joy for the eyes and the heart.

Užutrakis Manor Park

Laid out on a peninsula between Lake Galvė and Lake Skaistis, the Užutrakis Manor emits the spirit of French Neoclassicism. Visitors forget about time and everyday life as they stroll through the manor park that was created in the late 19th century by the Frenchman Édouard François André, one of the most prominent landscape architects of that time. There are over 100 parks around the world that were built according to his design. The park is not the only place worthy of a selfie. The terrace of the manor house that was designed in the late 19th century under the initiative of Józef Tyszkiewicz provides fabulous views of Lake Galvė and Trakai Island Castle, made even more romantic by the ships passing by.

Palanga Manor Park

In Palanga, people who like peace and quiet meet in Birutė Park – one of the most beautiful parks in Northern Europe, legend has it that it was built in what was once the sacred Birutė Forest. Featuring rare plants and lovely ponds, visitors call the park around the Neo-Renaissance palace the “pearl of Palanga”. People gather here in summer to listen to Palanga Orchestra concerts.

Birštonas park

Birštonas Central Park is basically a forest in the middle of town. Woven with trails for recreation and sport, skate parks and outdoor gyms, and sculptures and spectacular trees, this park is a great place to spend your free time. 

Druskininkai parks

Druskininkai’s Recreation Park and Karolis Dineika Wellness Park bid visitors health and tranquillity. People are drawn there not only by the clean pine forest air, but also by the hiking trails, the waterfall baths, the outdoor gyms, and the meditation and yoga terraces.

Plungė Manor Park

In the park that surrounds Plungė Manor, history meets modern day with a virtual educational programme that introduces tourists to the flora, fauna and history of the park. 

Kretinga Manor Park

The people who look after the old Kretinga Manor Park foster the traditions of the Tyszkiewicz counts. Popular among locals and tourists alike, the park hosts educational programmes, concerts, and the most important celebrations of the year.

Marijampolė parks

Meanwhile, peace and poetry reign in Marijampolė. Romantically named Poetry Park and Peace Park, these oases are adorned with sculptures and fountains, and are always filled with people.