Y. Kusama / ŠMC

Contemporary art events

Art is created in order to be showed. The creator’s imagination, attitude, lifestyle reflection, the stories told, drastic declarations or revolutionary ideas are the air that contemporary Lithuanian art breathes. One can mainly feel it in major art events that involve both creators and art lovers. Kaunas – the European Capital of Culture 2022 – is today the place that best rallies the artistic community without borders.

Contemporary Art Fair ArtVilnius

Include this event in your must-attend list and you will find yourself in the real art hurricane that lasts four days. The international contemporary art fair ArtVilnius, held in the capital city in early June, is the biggest art fair in the Baltic states. It is the place that builds art bridges, rallies the community of artists and art critics, brings the latest art market ideas to Lithuania and organises educational programmes and tours. This fair is a good opportunity to meet the artists face to face and acquire a piece of work directly from the artist’s hands. 

Design Week

Choose the colour and go ahead. In early May, the cities and towns of Lithuania plunge into the vortex of shapes, colours, materials, creative ideas and extraordinary action. The Design Week is a festival for sharing, learning and demonstrating what has been created throughout a year. It is a place where original, world saving ideas and insightful solutions are disseminated. It covers a creative workshop, lectures, exhibitions and conferences, noisy parties and a curious audience. Are you looking for inspiration? You are welcome!

Baltic Triennial in Vilnius

If you explore the global biennial network, you will necessarily come across the Baltic Triennial. Then go to Vilnius or travel across all three Baltic states, in which New York, London and Paris swiftly come to spend summer. Until the very autumn you can spend your time with unexpected colours of modern art, the most interesting works of the best artists in the Contemporary Art Centre, the very heart of the Old Town of Vilnius. The sense of community as if hovers in the air – just catch it and drink your fill.

Gallery Weekend Kaunas

If you find yourself in Kaunas during the Gallery Weekend in your native town, do not regret. You will definitely have new experiences – Gallery Weekend Kaunas invites you to thirstily drink art which resides not only in galleries, but also in unexpected spaces where performances, discussions and educational programmes are organised. Visitors to this event will have a good chance to explore the undiscovered spots of the city and get to know artists better.

Young Painter’s Prize

Stars are born here. This exhibition might be a start for your collection – who knows its value in several decades. The Young Painter’s Prize is a project that connects young Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian artists. It is like a chronicle recording the most important names of creators, providing them with space to show and speak up, and the art critics and collectors with a chance to remember those names.

Kaunas Biennial

There are many reasons to visit Kaunas. One of them is Kaunas Biennial, when the city submits to being surprised, and the creators of contemporary art discover new spaces for their art and invite for open and creative collaboration. The traditional Kaunas Biennial, which takes place every two years, is not only a conceptual platform provided to European and global artists, but also a real possibility for the young artists to present their innovative ideas. Every biennial is like a new, particularly modern and contemporary, interdisciplinary art event ready to surprise you.

Kaunas 2022

In 2022, Kaunas makes a date with Europe. The city, selected to be the capital of culture of the continent, today is getting ready to welcome its guests, share the idea of community and create a brand new content for Kaunas, Lithuania, Europe. The open Tempo Academy of Culture, lectures, discussions, exhibitions, performances and installations, the contemporary myth of Kaunas and the most insane ideas that are brought to life – you must accept this invitation by Kaunas and establish the KAUNtact.