M. Bakaitė

Family oriented museums

These are spaces where you can play, discover, learn, find out, and experience. The young discoverers eagerly wait for adults to take them by the hand and show them the world full of interesting things. Lithuanian museums widely open the doors to families with children, teachers and their pupils, everybody who is ready to travel to the broad world of knowledge.

Lithuanian Sea Museum

Dolphins and sea lions, fish and penguins, shells, and molluscs – the magical water world is baffling. The Lithuanian Sea Museum invites you to become acquainted with it and learn how to respect and protect it. All you have to do is to take the ferry from Klaipėda to Smiltynė and then walk along the shore or even take a horse-drawn carriage. There you’ll meet Baltic grey seals and penguins, dolphins and California sea lions. The cheerful emotions and the eyes of little ones, filled with joy, explain why the museum has half a million visitors every year.

Museum of Ethnocosmology

Have you ever seen the rain of stars? It happens in August and September in Lithuania, and the best place to be at such time is the Lithuanian Museum of Ethnocosmology. Molėtai Astronomical Observatory is as if from a fantastic film – at daytime you can watch our great star through the solar telescopes, whereas at night you can count constellations and watch the glowing meteor shower. Experienced educators patiently answer curious questions and persistently invite children to see the world that they are very fond of.

Toy Museum

The museum of toys and games targeted at children, their parents, grandparents and friends not only acquaints them with Lithuanian toys from the very oldest times, but also offers to try them and play with their copies and reconstructions. 
It is the first place in Lithuania in which you may become acquainted with the available material about toys and game inventory from archaeological surveys. It also constantly organises various educational sessions and other funny activities that involve whole families. 

Energy and Technology Museum

The museum established in the first power station of Vilnius invites not only to walk around boilers and turbines, but also to become active participants of the cognition process in interactive expositions. It offers a variety of educational programmes to its visitors: from the construction of your own electric bulb to manual binding of books. The museum has special areas for the youngest visitors, which reveal the secrets of natural sciences in a simple and attractive manner.

Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania

Chock-full of interactive solutions, theme films, educational tools and games, the museum exhibition introduces visitors to the history of money and banking in Lithuania and around the world, from the most primitive forms of payment – grain, fur or amber – to the electronic money of today. Visitors interested in Lithuania’s history can see coins that circulated in our region right back from the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and those interested in the wider world will be able to examine banknotes from different corners of the globe that are still being used today.

Lithuanian Railway Museum

The museum established in Vilnius Railway Station is interesting in its outdoor and indoor expositions, and it fascinates with realistic models with running small trains. Travelling, communications, road construction, rolling-stock, rail transport signal, builders and workers – these are the different topics revealed through almost 900 exhibits with which visitors are invited to become acquainted! They may try some of them independently and become station watchers or switchmen for a short time. 

Museum of Aviation

The museum acquaints with the history of Lithuanian aviation – the collection of aviation engines, plane models, historical photographs and even a natural-size copy of the legendary Lituanica! Part of museum exhibits are presented in the outdoor exposition – here you can see large aircrafts, the fire fighting and rescue service equipment, air force helicopters. You will not only see the planes, helicopters, gliders, but will also be able to pilot the plane in flight simulators with special equipment!

Narrow-Gauge Railway Museum

The Museum of Narrow-Gauge Railway, which has become extinct in Europe quite a time ago, is situated in the authentic Anykščiai narrow-gauge railway station complex. The restored buildings of the hundred years old station, the railing, a water tower, a cobbled square – they all constitute a monument to the history of technology of the 20th century. 
The museum exhibits an old-time locomotive, signal aids, the impressive scales that may weigh the full group of visitors, and you can even ride a manual railcar or a rail tricycle.

Chocolate Museum

The museum housed in an old confectionery factory building acquaints its visitors with the thousand year’s old history of chocolate: from the Maya and Aztec secrets of chocolate making to the first Lithuanian chocolate factories. You will not only be able to watch the process of making sweets, but also become chocolate masters – there is a workshop in the museum in which everyone may create their treat!

Tadas Ivanauskas Zoological Museum

The museum exposition that occupies an area of as much as 6000 sq. m extensively presents fauna – from the most primitive to the most sophisticated organisms. The halls of the museum contain over 14 000 exhibits! Insects, birds, fish, reptiles... You will be able to see a variety of fauna species, interactive solutions will promote taking virtual tours, experiencing the living nature, hearing the bird songs. Those who seek deeper knowledge can take part in special educational programmes offered by the museum.