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We love both active and passive leisure and we do everything with sincerity. Whether it’s on bustling city streets or at a festival in the woods, on a hike through the wetlands or on a race track, in the basket of a hot air balloon or under the sails of a boat, at the seaside or in a tiny village, according to tradition or something completely new, we dive into it head first, racing, competing, and sometimes trying to prove to ourselves and others just how strong we actually are. Join us! Entertainment in Lithuania is waiting for you – there’s a lot of things to do here!

Active recreation

Lithuania offers a wide range of active recreation. Start your holiday here! Flights over the most beautiful places in Lithuania, marathons and half marathons, kiteboarding in the Curonian Lagoon, yacht racing, jumping from the highest bridges, dinner in the sky, night hikes through swamps, bike trips to hill forts, walking trails and unexpected encounters in the countryside. You don’t have to bring your own bike, boat or hot air balloon. We have everything here.

Traditional holidays

In many cases, Lithuanian traditional holidays that originated in Baltic paganism and got additional meaning with the advance of Christianity, are no less colorful than Easter eggs, Shrove Tuesday Carnival or the garlands of Midsummer Night. The Baltic, Christian and modern customs of worshipping the cycle of nature do not make a dissonance, but create a celebrated tradition that is unique to our country.

Undiscovered places

Even if you think you know Lithuania well, don’t be fooled – you may be surprised by the undiscovered places. From quarries that look like Valles Marineris to military fortifications hidden away in sand dunes; from lofty observation towers to underwater paths in swamps. Lithuania is inexhaustible – just don’t be afraid to improvise and deviate from the usual tourist routes and you’ll see for yourself.

Water activities

Lithuanians are keen on spending much of their free time by the water. Easy-to-reach natural settings and bodies of water make it easy to escape the city and switch on an active leisure mode. No matter what you’re after – a quiet, romantic swim or an adrenaline-filled adventure – Lithuania’s lakes and rivers have plenty to offer to everyone.