E. Kalabuckas

Lithuanian winter experiences you don’t want to miss

Winter does not necessarily have to be cold, dark, and boring – there are plenty activities in Lithuania that make this season interesting and special.

Feel the Christmas Spirit in Vilnius

The 3D Christmas Tale demonstrated on the façade of the Vilnius Cathedral, the traditional Christmas town fragrance of traditional Christmas sweets, the special Christmas train, and the stunning Christmas tree are just a few reasons why international tourism experts have many times recognized Vilnius as one of the best places to visit at Christmastime.

Hot air ballooning in winter

In Lithuania, winter mornings are the most mystical time: the earth is covered in frost and shrouded in a light fog through which the sun’s rays try to penetrate, and it is so quiet that you can almost hear how dancing snowflakes slowly settle on a snow bank. The most interesting way to observe, listen to and feel this is from above. Hot air balloon rides in winter are lovely on their own, and all you have to do to prepare is put on warmer clothes.

Go Skating On Lake Galvė

Skating on a frozen lake, enjoying its snowy shores and the bright winter sun in the neighborhood of Lithuania’s medieval rulers’ castle – what can be more romantic? Let’s hope for a cold winter!

Go Cross-country Skiing

Join the hundreds of winter sports enthusiasts who go on massive cross-country ski trips every winter. The trails go past the most beautiful neighborhoods in Lithuania and woody areas.

Watch Horses Race on Ice

On the first Saturday of February, visit the horserace with very deep traditions, where the teamsters compete on ice! All this at the Dusetos Hippodrome from the water from the nearby lake Sartai.

Heat Up in a Steam Bath and Cool Down in a Frozen Lake

After heating up in a Lithuanian steam bath, the temperatures way below zero, dare to jump into the ice hole made in the nearby lake. Unforgettable sensations, great emotions, and self-congratulation – guaranteed!

Remember your childhood and make a snowman

When the frozen ground is covered with a blanket of snow, we run outside and make snowmen. True, powdery snow is good for snowboarding or taking pictures, but a good snowman needs moist snow – the kind that sticks together and serves as a great building material. This kind of snow is usually available when the temperature is around freezing. If you want to make your little ones happy, try this activity yourself!

Wrestle with the wind on the ice of the Curonian Lagoon

Have you ever heard of an ice boat – a sail boat on runners? Maybe this will be the winter that you dare to try it out? The only condition is that the cold has to lock in the Curonian Lagoon or other body of water with at least 10 centimetres of ice. And then all you need is a few minutes of instruction and you’re set to wrestle with the wind.

Take a ride on a husky-drawn sledge

Dogs bring an immense feeling of happiness and joy. You can go for an enjoyable ride through the forest paths around Kernavė in a sledge pulled by friendly Alaskan huskies. What fun it is to go sleighing all bundled up!