A. Aleksandravičius

Major cities

Major cities in Lithuania offer a wide range of health services. From relaxing spa treatments to medical diagnostics or dentistry, you will be met in Lithuania’s cities by highly qualified professionals working with state-of-the-art equipment and prepared to provide individually tailored services.


This green cosmopolitan city with astonishing architecture and a focus on high-quality services is a fantastic place for cultural, active and health tourism.

Vilnius visitors enjoy unique and individual-orientated SPA centres’ services including dental services, massages, personalized beauty treatments, aromatherapy, rituals and other. Everything in Vilnius is within walking distance so it is easy to find closest SPA centre or SPA Hotel just minutes from most popular city attractions.


Kaunas is a prosperous city a midst of Lithuania with its authentic character. A growing number of people are finding Kaunas to be the hub of health, rehabilitation and medical tourism since the city delivers on all fronts of the relevant procedures – diagnostics, odontology, SPA treatments and so forth – while still keeping the costs relatively low. Kaunas greets visitors with the highly qualified doctors who have access to modern equipment and provide quality service to the highest degree.


This city has a lot to offer to enhance its visitors’ health. Klaipėda’s unique location allows guests to enjoy different forms of rehabilitation, and medical treatments strengthened by the natural therapeutic remedies of the Baltic Sea. A lengthy walk by the sea already has a positive effect on your health, as inhaling mineral particles in the air is good for airways and bronchia.

The Kopgalis Fort complex, which houses the Maritime Museum, Aquarium and a Dolphinarium, is one of the main attractions in Klaipėda. The Dolphinarium is the only one of this kind in the entire eastern part of the Baltic coast. Visitors come from all over the world not only to enjoy dolphin shows but also to heal with dolphin therapy for children with disability.