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Natural remedies

Nature has given us natural riches that we have long relied upon to deal with a variety of health challenges or simply to regain our strength. There are many health resorts, spa and therapy centers in Lithuania that offer the best for your health and well-being. The effect of mineral water, herb or mud treatments inspired by deep traditions and applied with a professional approach is undoubted. All you have to do is choose the most appropriate natural remedy for you.

Baltic Sea and Sun

The Lithuanian seaside is known for its breath-taking, green, refreshing scenery and unique landscape of the sand dunes; the latter was, and still is, a subject of fascination for many prominent local and international painters, photographers, writers and other artists.

The culture of the seaside charms visitors with the age-old traditions of fishing villages and a diverse selection of interesting events. Of all of these, the Neringa region – a coastal strip of 52 km in length – is most commonly referred to as an open SPA centre. Health and medical tourists choose this region for the high quality of services, pleasant atmosphere and, of course, remarkable nature.

Amber therapy

There is a good reason why amber is called Lithuanian gold. More than 250 amber varieties are known worldwide, while Baltic amber differs from others because of its composition: it contains considerable amounts of succinic acid. Succinic acid is the main valuable component of amber that allows using amber for health purposes. Baltic amber is the only variety without heavy metal impurities; therefore, it is perfect for use in medicine and cosmetics. In the Baltic Sea region, 80% of all world amber is found. Amber baths, massages, cosmetics, jewellery, gastronomy, historical or architectural sites, health promotion services, museums and galleries, shops, designers, experts, amber workshops, amber-related legends, amber in folklore and art...

Mineral water and health springs

With over 20 deep wells of mineral water in Lithuanian resorts, visitors are able to enjoy health benefits that this natural marvel provides throughout the year. For instance, drinkable mineral water has a wide range of biologically active micro elements, allowing it to fight inflammations and regulate the metabolism or levels of acid production in the body. 
As our skin has millions of blood vessels and nerve endings, the healing effects of mineral water baths can be felt relatively quickly, so jumping into one right after a brief consultation is advised when experiencing joint pain, difficulty in bending your knees, flexing ankles or any other related issues.


Mud and its benefits

Tracing its roots from as early as Ancient Greece, mud therapy has secured a reputation as an interesting and effective treatment method in Lithuania, mostly in the form of peat mud procedures. 
Visitors are absolutely free to choose baths of white mud or the aforementioned black peat mud – both of these options offer impressive advantages and benefits to the immune system, helping to tackle various illnesses or inflammations and assisting in regeneration and recovery processes. One of the most productive ways to experience this is to enjoy a therapeutic mud bath with mineral water – this treatment opens up the pores and provides the body with many microelements and bioactive substances, while at the same time improving the metabolism.


Climate and the fresh air

Lithuanian resorts are blessed with almost perfect climate conditions. This is a result of agreeable wind speeds and Sun intensity, accompanied by suitable air temperatures, atmospheric pressure and just the right amount of precipitation, combining into an environment that’s great for health and medical tourism.

The air itself it packed full of oxygen, and most local resorts are real pine tree stacked paradises. This makes for much better sleeping patterns, normalisation of protein and fat in the metabolism and improved liver function, not to mention an uplifted spirit and sounder nervous system.


Local herbs and phytotherapy

It would be a sin to miss out on all the renowned health benefits that the local world of plants provides. Herbs have been the basis for medical treatments throughout much of human history, and such traditional procedures are still widely practiced today, though with a twist of modern medicine, of course.

Closely related to herbalism as a whole, phytotherapy is the intended medical use of plants and plant extracts for therapeutic purposes. Lithuanians have been known to use a large number of locally-found herbs to treat all sorts of illnesses.