A. Aleksandravičius

Observation towers: Lithuania viewed from the shoulders of a giant

They say that many years ago giants roamed the lands of Lithuania. Mounds were piled by their hands, the lakes were filled from their tears, and they could rip trees from their roots by hand. And if you want to see the world as though you were sitting on the shoulders of such giants, you’ll find one of the countries observations towers offers just that. All it takes is a little effort and a few hundred steps. And with around 30 such towers in Lithuania, there’s ample opportunities for a giant’s eye view.

Birštonas observation tower

Towering 51 metres into the sky above the Nemunas Loops Regional Park, this is the king of the country’s observation towers. With its unique structure that evokes the tower of a defensive castle or a church belfry, and a platform which stands 45 metres above the town, this is a must visit attraction. All you need to do to enjoy this commanding view of the town is climb the tower’s 300 steps. 

Merkinė Observation Tower

Atop the 26 m high tower, you will have a wide view of the valley of the Nemunas, the largest river in Lithuania, and the forests of Dzūkija National Park – this region of Lithuania is the most wooded. The unique architectural tower with several observation decks, allows you to observe the landscape from different heights.

Kirkilai Observation tower

You can look out on the special landscape of the Biržai regional park from a tower that reminds one of a sinking boat. From a height of 30 meters, you will see innumerable lakes, which are nothing else but water-filled sinkholes that formed here due to karstic processes. In summer, under certain conditions, the lakes take on different colors!

Treetop Walking Path

The unique architectural structure in Anykščiai regional park is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Lithuania. Where else would you have the chance to walk at the tops of trees at an altitude of over 20 meters! Take an unforgettable journey on the walking path that rises steadily at first and then continues along the treetops. The information stands provide information about the surrounding countryside. At the end of the walk, you will have the opportunity to look over the Šventoji River Valley, also from a 34 m high observation tower.

Dreverna Observation Tower

After climbing the 15-meter-high observation tower on the coast of the Curonian Lagoon, you will feel like the mythical giants, looking over their lands: the Dreverna environs, the lagoon and the Curonian Spit behind it. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to spot the biggest bird of prey in Lithuania – the sea eagle – hunting over the waters.

Zarasai Lake Observation Bridge

Zarasai has a unique and unparalleled viewing platform in Lithuania, from which you can enjoy the special beauty of the Zarasas Lake with islands, the fountain in the middle, and the walking trail built along the shore. An impressive architectural structure – a round wooden path 17 meters above the ground, 34 meters in diameter, was among the finalists to win the European Prize for Urban Public Space in 2012.

Jurakalnis observation tower

The only tower to be named after a geological period (the Jurassic), Jurakalnis offers a panoramic view to the Venta river valley, taking in Jurakalnis hill and  the mounds of Papilė. So, if you are looking for a taste of how the world may have looked millions of years ago, this 15 metre tower is for you. The panorama reveals the layers of the Jurassic geological period – the era of dinosaurs. And for fossil hunters, there’s the added bonus that even today you can find mollusc shells, as well as the remains or signs of some other animals and plants which lived in water.

Labanoras Regional Park Observation Tower

At 36 meters high, the observation tower in Labanoras Regional Park is the second tallest in Lithuania. Once you climb up the spiral staircase, you will be astounded by the bird’s eye view of the forests and the Baltieji Lakajai and Juodieji Lakajai lakes, with their many islands and peninsulas.

Snaigynas Lake and Veisiejai Observation Tower

Snaigynas is one of the lakes in Veisiejai Regional Park in the southwest of Lithuania. Eye-catching views open out from the 15 meters high Veisiejai observation tower designed to look like a whirlpool: Lake Snaigynas, its wavy banks, islands and the panorama of the town of Veisiejai. If you are fond of fishing, try your luck in Snaigynas – it is home to plenty of fish species!

Meteliai Lake and Observation Tower

The 15-meter-tall Meteliai Observation Tower offers a wonderful view of one of the most beautiful lakes in southern Lithuania and its surroundings in the Meteliai regional park. From early spring to late autumn, it is a perfect spot to observe water fowl, especially the mute swan.