A. Pelakauskas / Jūros šventė

Summer events

Our summers are short. That’s why we rush to feel them, enjoy them and experience them, and to sing and run our hearts out. We don’t sleep much, drowning ourselves in Culture Night and listening to music in blossoming botanical gardens, old monasteries and industrial regions. During the summertime, events move to the shore – we wave to the ships that have raised their sails and envelope ourselves in the frenzy of the Sea Festival and the rhythm of contemporary music on the beaches. Car and motorcycle racing, running paths in the Lithuania’s green forests, yacht and kiteboard competitions in the Curonian Lagoon, and knight tournaments at hill forts – every weekend in summer is dedicated to making exciting memories. So that we have something to keep us warm in the winter.

Song Festival

Have you heard the sound of a choir of 20,000 singers? Have you ever seen a single dance performed by more than 9,000 dancers? Song festivals are an old tradition of ours that delight and amaze with their magnificence. They serve as proof of how we preserve our traditions and our language, and how musical we are. Old and new generation songs and dances, traditional crafts, wild flowers and new acquaintances – in summer, Vilnius sings with the voices of all of Lithuania. The festivals take place every four years, with the next one coming up in 2022 – don’t miss it!

Sea Festival

It comes back every year! A festival by the sea that draws you in and submerges you in the waters of events, emotions and music. The wind that comes in from the sea for three days and nights blows the sails of ships, lines them up for a parade, and brings in the sounds of music, the feeling of cinema, theatre performances, and a subtle sense of design. Every year, the Baltic Sail sailboats come to Klaipėda to make an appearance and welcome visitors on board. The sea has a magical force of attraction. And it seems that it has lent it to the Sea Festival. Once you’ve been there, you want to keep coming back.

Christopher festival

Music, rising to the towers of the most beautiful Baroque church in Vilnius. Music, resounding under blossoming trees, under the summer sky, against the backdrop of a magnificent old manor, or in a trendy industrial loft. Over a quarter of a century, the annual Christopher Summer Festival has made many wonderful discoveries. The festival organisers have opened up unexpected and unbelievable spaces for music lovers and adapted music to them, setting their boundless imagination free and allowing musicians and listeners to follow suit. For many years, the Christopher Summer Festival has been regarded as one of the strongest music festivals in Europe, and its artistic quality, innovation, and ability to involve the local community while also appealing to Europe and the entire world has earned it the EFFE Label.