A. Aleksandravičius

Užgavėnės (Fat Tuesday)

It’s not you we want to scare off. We’re scaring off winter. For many years, we have been driving it away in February, shouting: “Winter, winter, get out of the yard!” Of course, winter doesn’t always surrender, holding out against the people in fancy dress who have gorged on pancakes and the children that go from door to door, asking for treats. Užgavėnės is a traditional celebration that is in our blood and lets adults feel like children again. Who will recognise you behind a mask? You can celebrate Užgavėnės in Rumšiškės – the traditions here never change. If you’re in Samogitia, stop by Lake Plateliai, where you’ll also find some winter fun. Come and burn your misery along with Morė, the symbol of evil and all misfortune.